RHONY: The Guy In the Red Scarf Sets The Record Straight! – The Real Housewives


RHONY: The Guy In the Red Scarf Sets The Record Straight! – The Real Housewives


Our girl Shira Weiss got some MAJOR scoop about a big Real Housewives of New York storyline.

The “guy in the red scarf” became the object of many of the NY Housewives affections during a speed dating event and with that, he joined a short list of infamous men the RHONY have all lusted after at the same time.

While Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer all tried their best to win over the “guy in the red scarf” it was Carole Radziwill who ultimately scored a date with him.

So, who is the “guy in the red scarf?”

Well, his name is Brian Krauss and he’s a 53-year-old resident of Saddle River, NJ.

Brian says he’s never watched RHONY and has no interest in the world of reality TV yet he somehow found himself in the middle of it all. And while he enjoyed his brief moment on RHONY he wants to set the record straight about some claims Bethenny Frankel made about him.

When chatting with Shira, Brian admits that he and Bethenny had met before in Miami and that he went to the event in hopes of seeing her there.

Yet, somehow along the way, Brian and Bethenny’s story got twisted into something much different than it was.

Bethenny made it out to seem like Brian was aggressively pursuing her and that she had no interest in him at all.

If you recall during the cast-trip to Columbia Bethenny complained that Brian kept hitting her up by text message. Bethenny also claimed in a recent blog post that she had NO interest in Brian and wanted to set him up with Carole Radziwill.

However, it turns out that’s not exactly the case.

In an email, Brian sets the record straight about his relationship with Bethenny and has the receipts to back it up!

Bethenny has an odd habit of making up stories where she looks good at the expense of others. This tale is no exception. I bet those texts she was reading gave you the impression they were all from me after we re-connected at speed dating. False. They weren’t. They were cobbled together from months earlier when she first swiped right on The League, a dating app, to match with me.

She conveniently left out all her replies. There were so many. Trust me, it is unnerving to film RHONY. I agreed because I believe in my friend Rori’s matchmaking business Platinum Poire. And yes, I was happy to see Bethenny, a woman I already knew, felt comfortable with and considered a friend.

Her claim that she texted me that same night to fix me up with Carole: also false. In real life Rori arranged a dinner the next evening. Also, in real life Bethenny texted me immediately after she left speed dating to say what a great time she had had. Then she woke up at 6:01 the next morning (Feb. 1st) to set up a date for herself.

When I saw the show, I laughed at the way Bethenny turned what I thought was a flirty, fun speed dating night into a full on pursuit.

Here are screenshots of the actual texts between us. It’s kind of brilliant how this became “he won’t stop texting me.” You decide. I’m blue. Bethenny is grey. By the way, I’m out of the reality show business. It’s insane!

If that wasn’t enough Brian also believes the truth about his text messages with Bethenny will come to light at the RHONY reunion thanks to Carole.

“At the reunion, I think Carole will probably set the record straight about how things actually went down,” Brian speculates.

This coincides with rumors we’ve been hearing about the reunion. Bethenny and Carole are said to have a showdown at the reunion and rumor has it Carole bring the “receipts” to back up her claims.

Checkmate, bitch.

I love that Shira got this SCOOP! And I’m shocked that Bethenny twisted things so much! If this speculation about the reunion is true then I can’t wait to watch it all g0 down!

Thoughts on Brian’s claims? Does Bethenny make things up to make herself look good? Will Carole bring Brian and Bethenny’s texts to the reunion? Sound off below!


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