Home News Russian intel contact's signatory authority over Trump campaign chair’s accounts

Russian intel contact’s signatory authority over Trump campaign chair’s accounts

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Russian intel contact’s signatory authority over Trump campaign chair’s accounts


CBC News: The National / YouTube Rick Gates Paul Manafort and I...
CBC News: The National / YouTube
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There’s one more day of testimony, but Rick Gates gave a bit more information about how the possible “Person A” had control over Manafort’s money. He’s reportedly in Russia having fled Ukraine.

Konstantin Kilimnik (Russian: Константин Килимник; Ukrainian: Костянтин Кілімнік; b. 1970) is a Russian-Ukrainian political consultant and suspected Russian intelligence operative.

According to Politico, Kostya told people he visited the United States and Manafort as recently as Spring 2016, the same time Manafort was helping Trump through the Republican primaries.

As an associate of Paul Manafort, his activities have become a point of focus in the 2017 Special Counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections. Kilimnik is believed by CNN and The New York Times to be “Person A” listed in court documents filed against Manafort, which allege that Person A has ties to Russian intelligence agencies, or is a Russian intelligence operative. He is also believed to be Person A in court documents filed in the criminal indictment of Alex van der Zwaan. In 2017 Kilimnik denied any such intelligence ties.[1]

Kilimnik was indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s grand jury on June 8, 2018 on charges of obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice by attempting to tamper with a witness on behalf of Manafort.[2][3]


Kilimnik was still working for Russian intelligence when, during September and October 2016, he was known to be communicating with the Trump campaign.

Paul Manafort was fired as Donald Trump’s campaign manager on August 19, 2016. Gates admitted contact and so did Manafort.[7]

Manafort has said he and Kilimnik discussed the Democratic National Committee cyber attack and release of emails, now known to be undertaken by Russian hacker groups known as Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear.[13]

Kilimnik and Manafort had been involved in the Pericles Fund together, an unsuccessful business venture financed by Oleg Deripaska.[6] In July 2016, Manafort told Kilimnik to offer Deripaska private information in exchange for resolving multimillion dollar disputes about the venture.[6]



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