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Sean Spicer In Talks Do To Walk On Role Weekend Update SNL Spinoff

Sean Spicer In Talks Do To Walk On Role Weekend Update SNL Spinoff


President Donald Trump‘s former White House press secretary Sean Spicer is in talks to make a live walk-on appearance on the spinoff of the show that has mocked him, Radar has exclusively learned.

“Sean is in hot talks to do a cameo on Weekend Update, the Saturday Night Live summer spinoff,” a source told Radar. “And it could happen as soon as this Thursday during the Weekend Update premiere episode.”

The potential spot shows that Spicer, 45, has a sense of humor about himself, the source said.

Weekend Update is scheduled to run for four weeks beginning this Thursday, Aug. 10, live on NBC, because “news doesn’t take the summer off,” as the network noted on Twitter.

And no character has been more popular on SNL recently than Republican Spicer, who served President Trump as press secretary for about six chaotic months before resigning.

He was memorably played by Melissa McCarthy in drag on the hit late night comedy show, as a crazed spokesman with close-cropped hair, ranting at journalists and sometimes using a motorized podium to intimidate them.

Spicer recently rejected joining the upcoming season 25 cast of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, saying he was too busy.
The politico announced that he will not be starring on DWTS because he will have an “overwhelming number of commitments” to attend to in the following months.

In any case, as Radar reported, it wasn’t clear Spicer would have received a warm DWTS welcome, as the show producers were torn about having him.

But according to Radar’s source, the walk-on Weekend Update appearance Spicer is considering won’t take up too much of his time and would delight show fans.

And with SNL on hiatus for summer, its spinoff is the only place Spicer can make fun of himself this month — as he recovers from his stressful former job in which reporters always asked combative questions.

Michael Che and Colin Jost are hosting the new Weekend Update and it’s expected to also feature some guest appearances by other SNL cast members.

And maybe, the show’s biggest “get” of all—Sean Spicer?

Via: RadarOnline


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