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Seth Rogen Just Responded To Wikileaks’ Claim Of A Rogen-Obama-CIA Conspiracy Theory

Seth Rogen Just Responded To Wikileaks’ Claim Of A Rogen-Obama-CIA Conspiracy Theory


When Wikileaks came onto the scene eleven years ago, there were high hopes that Julian Assange‘s organization would tear away the veil of secrecy on information the public had a right to know. In its early days, the organization showed promise, helping to expose government corruption, law-breaking from within, and humanitarian violations while winning praise and accolades.

In recent years however, as Assange evades rape charges within London’s Ecuadorian Embassy, Wikileaks become little more than a pro-Russia, anti-Obama shill, aligning itself with President Trump’s most ardent enablers. And, as with others in this president’s corner, advocating for Trump has a tendency to make one sound ridiculous.

Yesterday, Wikileaks took ridiculous to a whole new level with this tweet:

The attached Alternet article describes how Seth Rogen wanted to embarrass Kim Jong-un with his 2014 film The Interview, how a CIA agent hoped it would spark a coup, and how government officials were concerned about how Kim would react to the global embarrassment, which ultimately led to the Sony hack.

The suggestion, however, that Seth Rogen was in on a plot to force regime change is a conspiracy theory unsupported by the article. The broad conclusion is the stuff Rogen might make a satirical movie about — actually, he already did.

Absurdity is par for the course when it comes to the theories of Trump defenders. So it’s no wonder Rogen isn’t taking the accusation seriously, responding with the Twitter equivalent of an eye roll.

Well played, Seth Rogen — if that is your real name.

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