Spider-Man Theory: This Is Mysterio’s Role In Far From Home


Spider-Man Theory: This Is Mysterio’s Role In Far From Home


  1. Mysterio is a classic Spider-Man villain, I'm quite sure he's going to double-cross Spidey. I think it will tie to a theatrical gimmick given Quentin's history in special effects work. Mysterio and Spidey teaming up is being promoted as a touching friendship from what I can see, so I think it will have profound effect on Peter when he's betrayed, and be a big twist in the film.

  2. My theory for the timeline is that this is before the avengers infinity war: remember in the beginning when they introduced spiderman on the bus and on further note remember when in avengers infinity war when tony stark asked "where did spiderman come from?" And Peter replied "Uh Field trip!" Maybe he was coming back from the field trip and then this happened fitting into the Avengers Timeline

  3. Sounds like the dumbest thing they could fight. I’m all for Mysterio. I bet Mysterio is clouding what they see and they’re secretly members of the sinister 6. I heard they fight a water and sand elemental.

  4. What if this is another Mandarin thing where Mysterio isn't actually Mysterio but instead of being just another nobody he is actually a Spiderman from another dimension that was stuck in the MCU Earth when trying to deal with the Elementals.

  5. I reckon Mysterio creates the Elementals as illusions, and pretends to help Spider-Man in order to gain his trust. He'll appear to be an ally so Mysterio can strike without Spider-Man even expecting it.

  6. Do villains need to have some redeemable quality? Or be some sort of anti-hero? Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2, Venom. Can’t they just be evil? There’s a Mysterio story where he’s back to crime to save his love who is now a computer. Maybe they’ll just finish him off like the Spider-Man 2 video game. 🤣😂🤣

  7. Or, as another possible role (& bonus product-placement?):
    "I'm the Marvelous Magical Burger King!/I can do most anything!"
    (Dated & lame, I know, but hey, at least he won't be the Duke of Doubt!)

  8. I think the Elementals will only appear in a flashback as ancient gods or witches. Mysterio is on a research about the elementals and how to get their powers. He discovered that his student, Peter Parker, is very intelligent so he tries to use him to unlock the mysteries of the Elementals. Theye're on different locations because Mysterio and Peter is looking for different artifacts in different museums or temples. With the help of Peter he can now decipher the ancient texts and codes written on the temples and artifacts of the Elementals.

  9. To be honest i think spiderman into the spider verse is a part of the non animated MCU. And i believe if spidey wasnt dusted by thanos i think he would have ended up in into the spider verse as well

  10. It would be crazy if the characters in Infinity war that survived the snap were the ones who will get dusted in end game if we travel back in time and they fail to bet Thanos this time around!

  11. Don't think I want those elementals in Spidey: FFH, as the movie could be too crowded. But what if Spidey: FFH only sets them up as future villains to take over from Thanos? That way, they could introduce them slowly over severl movies with several heroes, before we get an Avengers vs Elementals thing. It could even be Avengers 6 or 7. The reason Thanos and the Avengers worke so well is because Marvel took their time to set up the whole thing. It would be a huge shame to rush things now. Taking their time has been proven to work, so I really hope they stick to that in the next couple of phases.


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