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Superhero Casting Decisions That OUTRAGED Fans

7. Anna Diop

You’d think anyone chosen to portray Koriand’r/Starfire in Titans would escape any casting debacle since the character’s an alien princess, but nope. Apparently, Anna Diop doesn’t look orange or alien enough for the role. Yes, you read that right. Oh, and we face-palmed, too.

While Diop has been around for quite a few years, her breakout role was as Nicole Carter in 24: Legacy. So, technically speaking, she’s a relative newcomer as a leading lady, which is something that should be celebrated in this day and age of recycling the same group of actors. Rather than receive yet another Gossip Girl alumni in a TV superhero property, we’re getting someone fresh.

While we’re yet to see her in the Starfire attire and makeup, Diop already looks to be an inspired choice by Titans‘ showrunners Greg Berlanti, Geoff Johns, and Akiva Goldsman.

6. Keanu Reeves

It’s not difficult to see why Keanu Reeves was chosen to portray John Constantine in 2005’s Constantine. Warner Bros. wanted a big star for the project, and Reeves fit the bill to play an edgier leading man in the occult-inspired film.

Unfortunately, Reeves is neither British, witty, nor blonde, which are all qualities that Constantine is renowned for. Fans weren’t impressed with the casting choice and had reason to vent their frustration. To make matters even worse, it was evident that none of the filmmakers had bothered to read a Hellblazer book either, since this adaptation felt unrecognizable and soulless next to the source material.

In 2014, Constantine was eventually done right as a TV series with Matt Ryan in the titular role. Sadly, though, the show was canceled after one season, leaving us to wonder if the character is doomed in the live-action world.


Written by Chris Parker

Chris Parker

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