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Superhero Casting Decisions That OUTRAGED Fans

5. Michael Keaton

No matter who’s cast as the Dark Knight, outrage seems to follow every announcement. In the pre-Internet days of the late ’80s, Tim Burton picked Michael Keaton to be his Caped Crusader in his 1989 Batman film and all hell broke loose.

Keaton was predominantly known as a comedic actor at this point in his career; however, Burton saw something special in him after their time on Beetlejuice. Nonetheless, the doubters didn’t want to hear it, sending a reported 50, 000 protest letters to Warner Bros.

Well, every doubter soon ate their own words once the film was released to critical and fan acclaim. Keaton’s portrayal of Batman is fondly remembered as one of the finest, and the movie is often credited for the birth of Batmania and the superhero film genre as a whole.

4. Idris Elba

Idris Elba is one of the finest actors of our generation, but that didn’t stop a white supremacist group from urging a boycott of 2011’s Thor because Marvel had cast a black actor as a Norse god. Obviously they must’ve had dinner with the gods and seen that Heimdall was a little paler in the flesh, hence the rational basis for their outrage…

Elba addressed the controversy in the best possible way, stating, “Thor has a hammer that flies to him when he clicks his fingers. That’s okay, but the color of my skin is wrong?”

While the vocal minority flapped their mouth skins about him, Elba did what he does best and put on a remarkable show as Heimdall in all of the Thor films to date. He’s coming back for Thor: Ragnarok as well, which must just irk his haters.

3. Michael Clarke Duncan

Even though the late Michael Clarke Duncan was the only actor to have the necessary stature to convince as the hulking Wilson Fisk/Kingpin in a live-action outing, not a lot of people were convinced when he was cast. While there was a certain degree of outrage because of the race swapping, many thought that Duncan was just far too nice to play such an iconic baddie.

As bad as 2003’s Daredevil was – and it was awful for the most part – Duncan was one of the few highlights of the movie, portraying an entertaining and menacing villain. He hardly put a foot wrong and certainly deserved a better script and movie for his efforts.

He might’ve been one of the nicest guys in real life, but he had us all convinced that he was the ruthless Kingpin in the Mark Steven Johnson-directed film.


Written by Chris Parker

Chris Parker

Saying that Chris Parker is a cinematic freak would be an understatement. When he isn't paving his way into the movie industry; Parker enjoys looking at pictures of baby tigers.... and writing of course.

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