Teddi Mellencamp Started Puppy Gate Because Her Brother Did Land Role On VPR!


Teddi Mellencamp Started Puppy Gate Because Her Brother Did Land Role On VPR!


Teddi Mellencamp

The ongoing drama surrounding #PuppyGate has been a thrilling ride and Vanderpump Dogs employee, John Blizzard, is exposing a possible motive for Teddi Mellencamp turning on Lisa Vanderpump!

As fans know, Teddi claims that Lisa Vanderpump was behind exposing Dorit Kemsley’s dog adoption gone wrong. Teddi claims that she felt set up and betrayed by the British restaurateur after filming the scene at Vanderpump Dogs that triggered #PuppyGate. 

On Wednesday, John Blizzard, posted a friendly text message between himself and Teddi Mellencamp, dated August 2, 2018.

The exchange seemingly exposes the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was seeking to get her brother, Hud Mellencamp, a TV role on Lisa Vanderpump’s hit reality show, Vanderpump Rules. His post captioned, “… because we are in the business of leaking text messages… #TheRealManipulator.”

See Teddi’s text message below:

In June 2018, Hud Mellencamp and his sister filmed a scene with Lisa Vanderpump on Vanderpump Rules.

Lisa Vanderpump interviewed and hired Hud Mellencamp to work at Tom Tom, one of her restaurants featured on Vanderpump Rules. However, his role never manifested into a starring role on the Bravo reality series and his employment under Vanderpump quickly ended.

Teddi Mellencamp responded to Blizzard’s tweet, “We shot at Vanderpump Dogs on Aug. 2nd. I shot w/ Lisa on Vanderpump Rules about Hud in June, which shows I was being a bit cheeky in my response to John Blizzard.”

Teddi then tweeted, “Thanks for confirming that my brother and Hannah were not a thing when we filmed at Vanderpump Dogs. And obviously when I asked Lisa to interview Hud ON CAMERA my intentions were clear. Oh whale.” However, she never once mentioned this was her intent on the show.

On a recent episode, Ken Todd, revealed some damning texts between Teddi and John Blizzard — and Teddi used her Bravo blog, to tell her side. She admits that she agreed to sell Dorit out on camera — but insists that the plot originated with Lisa.

John Blizzard called me to tell me the dog story at Lisa Vanderpump’s request, knowing that Dorit and I were in a bad place. He tells me that Dorit would not call Lisa Vanderpump back and that Lisa wanted to text her “Teddi knows” in an effort to get her to respond.” Teddi wrote.


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