The Biggest Misconceptions About Avengers 4 [Theory Battle]


The Biggest Misconceptions About Avengers 4 [Theory Battle]


  1. woah!!! these are very good…..what if BARF is the key to all this….i think both will be used in the film like you were saying BARF maybe use as a key to unlocking how to get into the QR and that's how they find Ant-Man

  2. Dude, you know they are f#$%ing with us, right? they wear some garbage that can be removed in post… and we are all like time travel devices👎 just remember hulk running with with the avengers in the trailer, that was in the movie right???

  3. As to Villains, You still have Kang, The Conquer, The Molecule Man, Umar (sister to Dormamu), Dormamu, or Satan himself (good way to introduce Michael Hellstrom/The son of Satan/ and his sister Satana), or Mephysto.

  4. Cant be them using B.A.R.F. to examine their memories, because Ant-Man wasn’t at the battle of New York. So he can’t remember it, and Tony can’t remember him there. Maybe Ant-Man uses the time vortices to go back in time but since the rest can’t shrink they infuse B.A.R.F. with quantum energy to put their consciousness into the bodies of their younger selves. Kinda like they did in X-Men days of future past.

  5. Time travel, could be nothing more than the whole 'where and who had the Soul Stone' all over again. Theories had it in Wakanda or Tony had it. Vormir! Nobody saw that coming outta left field. Moral of the story is take each theory with a grain of salt.

  6. Thanos not being the villain, I can agree with. Also agree with the idea that the Gauntlet woke something up, probably put on ice by Odin, the last confirmed wielder of the Gauntlet (assuming he had more than that fake in his treasure hold). Also, BARF makes waaaay more sense than time travel. Avengers 4 will be a final settling of accounts for the original lineup. In addition to looking for solutions, it's also a way to settle questions on what makes these characters tick.


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