The Last Jedi: Biggest Unanswered Questions Fans CAN’T WAIT To Find Out


The Last Jedi: Biggest Unanswered Questions Fans CAN’T WAIT To Find Out


  1. 2:46 WRONG…Disney released a book about many thing including Snoke whcih paint a clear picture of clues that say he could return also being cut in half with a lightsaber is not lethal like seriousy Darth Maul survived it and he fell over 100 meter in a hole where the top of him landed on a ship and went to a junk planet named Lotho Minor where he was found by his Brother Savage opress and from there he planned hsi revange and a lot of stuff happened like the destruction of the original black sun criminal organization

  2. Bad film. Rose was worse than Jar Jar, at least he was somewhat necessary in the story. Bad plot beginning to end. No clue how the Resistance became so weak just seconds after the destroyed an entire planet (starkiller base). I can get over porgs but at least Ewoks took part in the story unlike the porgs which were only there to be cute. I like Finn but he should have died when he was going to sacrifice himself. Luke should have confronted Kylo in person. He did not have to kill him he could have done exactly what Obi wan did. BB 8 is over powered I mean seriously. I want to like it the previews look so good and dramatic but the film just didn’t take itself seriously and yes there are jokes in star wars but it just didn’t do it for me hopefully 9 can repair some damage

  3. I'm sorry but most fans agree, TLJ killed Star Wars and all enthusiasm about what's gonna happen next. Instead of looking forward to Ep IX, I'm looking back at episodes 1-6 and The Clone Wars series. That's the only Star Wars for me now

  4. I hope Phasma isn't dead. I feel like she didn't get as much screen time as she should of.
    And also about Snoke I don't care if he's dead, I feel like with the novels/comics that his back story can kind of be grasped, not in full detail but enough to satisfy. But it is possible he could return since we really don't know how powerful he was and if he is some sort of dark entity that can live on them that would be cool. Maybe he was trying to mild Kylo into the perfect host for him to take over?
    There's so much and Episode 9 will hopefully blow everyone's mind away and completely bring everything together without missing anything in the process.

  5. Another thing about snoke being dead: He can't be a force projection like Luke was because Luke was unaffected by a lightsaber but snoke, very apparently, was affected by a lightsaber.

  6. Boba fet didnt die in return of the Jedi. He escape the zarlack pit in a comic and goes on with his life. At the end of the movie poe seamed a little attracted to rey so I think finn x rose and rey x poe but I don't think rey and poe will admit they like eachother. But if you remember rey asked jewbacka to say something to Finn. What could that be?

  7. I think that the broom kid and his friends all have the force and were sold or something to keep them safe by their parents or carers say like a Jedi master or someone who looks after/ looked after force sensitive children. Idk but he knows he has the force as he makes the broom move to his hand but this is just a theory. In the movie they also talked about a new generation of Jedi. There must be lots of people with force but no Jedi order to go to. But i think these 3 kids could all have the force. Last thing the ship reys parents leave in could give a clue. I havent but you could research about that ship see if it belongs to anyone who we know.

  8. It's not a love triangle. Rey and Finn don't have a clear romantic connection, yes they love each other, but Finn is also loves Poe. Finn hasn't really expressed any overt romantic or sexual interest in anyone.


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