Ups And Downs From Last Night’s WWE Raw 25 (Jan 22)


Ups And Downs From Last Night’s WWE Raw 25 (Jan 22)


  1. GARBAGE. I actually live 8 blocks from the Manhattan center…. I STOOD OUTSIDE FOR AN HOUR waiting for them to perhaps brawl outside… lol. I know I shouldve known better, but I had a dream of the glory days. OOOOOHHH how wrong I was. What a piece of shit. Thank GOD I didnt pay for this show.

  2. Notice the little detail with The Undertaker: he did not have his gloves. That's the biggest sign of continuity with last year's Wrestlemania ending….of course, leaving the gloves on the mat is the ultimate sign of a fighter retiring. And they were not brought back just as a part of the costume, they were deliberately left out. If Taker is not retired, he sure is selling that he is. So they might actually be worked INTO the storyline for a possible final match. Someone challenging him, bringing the gloves he left behind with him, saying "deadman, have one last fight with me", and the sign of Taker accepting is he putting the gloves back on (and then chokeslamming the hell out of the guy).

  3. Personally, i think RAW 25 woulda been alot better had they had more time. Which they could've had, if they had taken advantage of the WWE Network. 1 hour RAW Kickoff, 3 hours RAW 25 on USA and then maybe another hour or two on the WWE Network.

    Instead, the Kickoff didn't even have any wrestling, it was an hour of Renee talking with Otunga and Rosenberg. RAW 25 was chaos, including but not limited to, 2 Undertaker tribute compilations in 1 night, the same one in fact, rushed matches, and a bunch of returning legends who each got a few seconds of screentime. And of course, they did nothing with the WWE Network.

  4. I enjoyed RAW-25. I looked at it like a "clip" show, similar to what Seinfeld or Family Guy did on landmark episodes. Now, if they did this every other week, that would be one thing. But RAW-25 and RAW-1000 have been the only times that WWE has gone in this direction in the last 5 or so years. And that made it special. I enjoyed seeing all the legends (especially Brother Love!!) and even though time constraints kept the legends from interacting too much, that was OK. Just to see them on RAW again was fun.

    Not to be a true devil's advocate, but please remember—WWE went to a lot of trouble, time, and money to have all these legends appear and should be commended for what they did. They could have just let the 25th anniversary come and go without a mention. 25 years of a show on TV is a big deal. And they did want US to celebrate WITH THEM.

    It's just disappointing to see every one on the internet dump all over the show, without considering the context of this being kind of a "old-timers day/greatest hits of the past" sort of a backdrop. WWE did the best they could to try to have SOMETHING for ALL wrestlng fans to enjoy—young, old, in-between, those seeing for the first time, and those seeing for the first time in years for a nostalgia trip.

    Granted, celebrating RAW-25 as the go-home show leading to the Royal Rumble may have put a monkey wrench into the booking, but I think they have RAW-25 on the calendar when they did to get a few more subscriptions to the network. Yes, not every single minute of RAW-25 enthralled me, but gosh darn it, WWE tried to have something special for their fans on their 25th birthday, and I applaud their efforts. Please, everybody, take a moment to consider that at least they tried, rather than just automatically bash the episode simply because it seems to be the "trendy" thing to do.

  5. Wwe raw sucked… Fans spent most there times watching it on screen… Segments were short and lame. Bray vs matt match was boring. No rock no orton no Lita. Stone cold that was probably the best part of raw.

  6. actually the flair vs bliss segment doesnt make sense, bcus alexa bliss obviously beat charlotte for the title and then charlotte ran to smackdown, so bliss > charlotte and if you wanna keep up the kayfobe bliss would definetly remind the flairs of that.
    and the second thing why the segment gets a down is bcus they are womens champions they should be in angles or storylines including the titles not just backstage standing around waiting

  7. It was a nostalgia program…lol.. what did you expect them to do.. have them wrestle 10-15 minutes? I was just happy seeing the stars of the past..i didn't care what they did.. just to see them was great for me.. my only problem was that the Manhattan center needed more.. they got the very short end of the stick

  8. Complains about legends coming and having meaningful segments or feuds taking away from current stars

    complains that a bunch of legends and the APA had a couple skits that did nothing meaningful and took nothing away from or hurt the current stars


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