Home Sports Wrestling Vince McMahon's 10 Biggest Gambles

Vince McMahon’s 10 Biggest Gambles

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Vince McMahon’s 10 Biggest Gambles

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  1. I believed the undertaker would never lose at wrestlemania. Once the cm punk rivalry started I actually thought he would end it sense the streak made it to 20-0. 21-0 isn’t as appealing.

  2. you forgot to mention simon, vince could of worked an agreement with time warner to allow those stars who decided to sit at home collecting checks to work in the company but they probably never floated that idea

  3. I miss the pyro. They should at least bring it back for PPVs. Also the reusable titantron and identical themes for events is so dull. Miss the old days were you looked forward to each PPV having a cool ass titantron and theme.

  4. Fuck whatculture! Seriously you're just a Bunch of no talent trolls with shitty lists you steal from actually good YouTube channels. You literally use the same stock photo in every fucking video. Do you have retards editing these things? Or are you guys really that unoriginal and broke?

  5. How were booker and ddp not on the same level? Ddp was one of hogans main rivals and was considered to bevthe one to split nwo untill sting came a long. And booker became the most entertaining thing on wcw during the last two years and had a great rivalry with big poppa pump

  6. Brock Lesnar was already way over as a Monster he did not need to break The Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak and it would have made far more logical sense for a new guy to get the push or just leave it unbroken and have the Taker go out on his back @ a Survivor Series the very event where his WWF/WWE career began that would have made the most sense as most of us know when you build up a streak in Wrestling the longer you leave it unbroken the harder it gets to find the right Wrestler to break it and as imposing and as monstrous as Lesnar is how many times did The Phenom go over guys just as seemly unstoppable after a while the mystique of the Deadman's association with WM should have remained untouched (side note: if Taker couldn't beat someone @ all outside of WM it seemed to be an angle that he always eventually beat them @ WM so he should have definitely gone over Lesnar @ WMXXX like he did with HBK etc). Vince should have held off on The Invasion angle for @ least a year so he could have all the WCW heavy hitters plus it would have been perfect for it to begin @ WrestleMania X8 about a year after Vince purchased WCW. When it comes to the WWE Network and Raw going 3 hours long well sooner or later Vince will have to ditch PG to go TV-14 or MA and bring things back such as the Hardcore Title and more match types on TV and especially @ PPV's

  7. Uh, isn't #9 by definition the OPPOSITE of taking a gamble? If he HAD shelled out huge money for the big-name WCW guys to use in a WCW vs WWF story, THAT would have been a gamble. By just taking all the cheap workers and putting them in a crappy story headed up by WWF guys anyway, wasn't he playing it totally safe? The very fact that you said "just think what could have happened if the big boys had come in?" pretty much gives away how much of a gamble this WASN'T.

  8. the only reason vince is bringing back the XFL is because his buddy Trump (sucks) is butthurt about NFL players not giving him the respect he THINKS he deserves. So as part of his crusade to dissuade people from watching, he's trying to get Vince to create a WCW to the NFL's WWF

  9. Where would the WW(F)E be had Hulk Hogan not defected from the AWA back to the WWF? A bigger question would be where would wrestling be today had Gagne allowed Hogan an honest title run? Hogan would have never jumped ship meaning wrestlers like Adonis, Ventura, and others along with Heenan and Okerland wouldn't have followed. So, who would have been Vince's golden boy?


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