“Wacky Nut Job” Ann Coulter targeted by Individual-1


“Wacky Nut Job” Ann Coulter targeted by Individual-1


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Weak move by Trump if this is the best they can do to shift attention from what will be a busy week of Mueller activity including the second Manafort sentencing.

Coulter is a lower-level proxy target for clown-on-clown dissing because she doesn’t have a regular slot at Fox News, is not in the Freedom Caucus, and her few, rabid followers are marginal and not in the GOP donor class.

Coulter in recent months has emerged as one of Trump’s most vehement antagonists among right-wing media figures who urged the administration not to cede ground to Democrats in negotiations for funding the construction of a border wall separating the U.S. and Mexico.

Coulter’s protestations, echoed by members of the House Freedom Caucus and other conservative lawmakers, were partly blamed in December for Trump’s decision not to sign a stopgap funding proposal that allocated far less than the $5.7 billion he had demanded for the wall — plunging the federal government into a 35-day partial shutdown.


In February, Trump declared a national emergency at the southern border after approving a spending accord reached by congressional dealmakers that apportioned $1.375 billion toward border security measures. The emergency declaration, which both chambers of Congress are poised to formally denounce, would allow the White House to redirect billions of dollars more toward fulfilling Trump’s campaign-trail promise. The move faces a series of legal battles.

Coulter slammed the bipartisan agreement and Trump’s declaration, remarking at the time in an interview with a Los Angeles radio station: “The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot.”



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