Wendi Adelson – Dan Markel’s Ex-Wife – Where is she right now?

Wendi Adelson - Dan Markel’s Ex-Wife

Wendi Adelson was Dan Markel’s ex-wife. Dan Markel himself was a law professor who got shot and killed in his driveway. The tragedy happened on July 19, 2014, in Tallahassee, Florida. The investigators believe that Wendi Adelson’s family is somehow has something to do with the people who were guilty of the murder. And that Markel was a victim of a murder for hire because of his rough divorce from Adelson. And there was a matter of ongoing custody battle.

So where is Wendi Adelson, Dan Markel’s ex-wife, and how is she doing in 2021? Was she charged or involved in the murder? Many people are questioning the situation that Wendi Adelson is in. And many of them still don’t know the truth yet.

Wendi Adelson during the investigation

The truth is that Wendi Adelson was not outside of the investigation at that time. But, Adelson was never charged in connection with her ex-husband’s murder. Adelson’s mother and brother, however, were among the conspirators in the murder. Three other individuals have been prosecuted: Sigfredo Garcia, Katherine Magbanua, and Luis Rivera. Katherine Magbanua was dating Adelson’s brother before the murder took place.

Some arresting documents show that the investigators are sure that the motive behind the murder was about the desire of the entire Adelson family to relocate Wendi Adelson and her children to South Florida. But, they believed that the pending court hearing might have prevented that from happening, thus barring access to the grandchildren.

Working as an immigration lawyer

The most shocking news for everyone is that just days after Markel’s death, Adelson moved her kids to South Florida. And changed their last name from Markel to Adelson. It seems like she wasn’t even trying to hide her feelings about her ex-husband’s death.

Some reports also said that she had also prevented Markel’s parents, her children’s paternal grandparents, from talking and visiting the children.  This was also the beginning of a new bill that is going to be agreed to in Florida to change visitation laws.

It didn’t stop there, in July 2020, Markel’s family and friends launched a petition demanding the state attorney to charge Adelson’s brother and mother. These people were the conspirators in court documents, so they were trying their best to get them behind bars. But Adelson was very adamant, she still maintained her innocence to this day.

Another shocking news is that Adelson is still working just fine. Just days before Markel’s death, she was and still is working as an immigration lawyer for The Immigration Partnership and Coalition Fund (IMPAC). In fact, according to her LinkedIn page, she’s been working there since 2017. Unfortunately, her LinkedIn page is no longer active so we can’t get more information from there.

Mike Fernandez, a billionaire and the founder and CEO of IMPAC, also believed in Adelson’s innocence to this day. He issued a statement that says Adelson has been honest with her situation before and after the murder and how her involvement was zero. Fernandez also mentioned that IMPAC is fully supporting her and her family.

Last statement from Wendi Adelson

More information regarding Adelson’s career is that she graduated from the University of Miami School of Law in 2006 and was admitted to the bar that year. She also has a firm with the name of Wendi J Adelson, PA, with only one member. She is also apparently active on Medium, where she wrote an article about fact-checking claims about immigrations into the U.S. back in 2019.

Of course, Wendi Adelson didn’t just stay quiet the whole time. She has written an article about her and her children’s situation. In the article, she claims that she and her children are happy and thriving and that they are now living with her parents. Also, about how she has started her own immigration practice and just signed up to do a one-year clerkship with the federal Eleventh Circuit so that she can get off Obamacare and at least one year of a steady income.

There you have it, where and how Adelson is doing right now in 2021. So it’s clear that Adelson is now living a quiet life with her family. And that she is busy working as an immigration lawyer.

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