What You Should Know About CBD Cigarettes

Hemp is one of the most versatile plants on the planet, used for clothing, rope, and more. Here is what you should know about CBD cigarettes.

CBD is a natural supplement that has exploded in use in the past few years. Even if you’ve never tried it yourself, you probably know someone who has. In fact, a recent study found that about 1 in 10 Americans has used CBD in the last 30 days.

As the CBD market expands, we’re seeing new and innovative ways that CBD is being used. CBD cigarettes (aka hemp cigarettes) are some of the latest products to hit the shelves. 

Are you considering using CBD cigarettes as a smoking alternative? Do CBD cigarettes seem like a potential tool to help increase your feeling of relaxation?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a closer look at CBD cigarettes so that you can make an informed choice about them.

What Are CBD Cigarettes?

CBD cigarettes have a similar look, feel, and burn as traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, tobacco cigarettes contain additives, chemicals, and, of course, tobacco … all of which are harmful. 

CBD cigarettes don’t contain any of these ingredients. Instead, they are rolled with natural hemp flower which has been ground to provide an even, smooth burn. 

Hemp flower contains CBD and other minor cannabinoids. While you can find CBD cigarettes that contain a noticeable amount of THC, it is easy to find plenty of brands or products that don’t. If you don’t want to experience any of the psychoactive effects of THC, you can avoid them.

Find the best hemp cigarettes with the right ingredients and flavors for you.

Are CBD Cigarettes Legal?

More states are legalizing certain substances associated with hemp, including marijuana. Where does CBD fit into the mix?

In 2018, the new Farm Bill was passed, positing that CBD is no longer considered a controlled substance. More specifically, CBD with a THC content of 0.3% or lower is now legal in all 50 states. That means that no matter where you live, you can access CBD cigarettes that are legal to purchase and smoke. 

Note, however, that CBD use does come with an age limit. In most states, you must be 18 or older to purchase and use CBD products. Some individual states, counties, and CBD shops have raised that age to 21. 

Are CBD Cigarettes Dangerous?

By now, we are familiar with the dangers of smoking tobacco cigarettes. In addition to causing lung damage, tobacco cigarettes raise your risk of developing a variety of health problems. They can include high blood pressure, heart disease and lung cancer.

What about CBD cigarettes? Do they come with any concerns?

Hemp is a natural substance that is not considered addictive. As long as manufacturers do not add any chemicals to their CBD cigarettes, there are no specific health risks associated with smoking them.

Mild lung and throat irritation is possible when smoking anything. If you find that CBD cigarettes are bothersome to your lungs or throat, consider using a different form of CBD. 

While CBD is legal in all 50 states, the smell of a CBD cigarette bears some resemblance to the smell of THC. You may want to keep this in mind when smoking CBD cigarettes in public!

Why Are CBD Cigarettes a Good Smoking Alternative?

CBD cigarettes are, of course, not the only smoking alternative on the market. Nowadays, you can find a number of nicotine vaping devices marketed toward current cigarette smokers. Many of them are produced by big tobacco companies.

How are these vaping devices marketed? The biggest claim is that nicotine vaping devices are less dangerous than regular cigarettes. While this is true, they do still present a myriad of health hazards.

The goal of nicotine vaping devices is to provide a safer way to deliver nicotine to your system. CBD cigarettes, on the other hand, allow you to replace the habit of smoking without consuming nicotine. If you’re struggling to ditch the smoking ritual but want to ditch nicotine, CBD cigarettes are a better smoking alternative for you.

Additional Considerations for Cigarette Smokers

If you are using CBD cigarettes to quit smoking, it really is important to remember that CBD cigarettes don’t contain nicotine. If you do have a physical addiction to nicotine, you may experience withdrawal symptoms for the first few weeks of switching to CBD. 

The good news is that CBD may enhance feelings of relaxation, which can take the edge off of withdrawal symptoms like irritability. If you need additional help, consider smoke-free cessation products like nicotine lozenges or patches. 

Are CBD Cigarettes Only for People Who Want to Quit Smoking?

We’ve talked a lot about using CBD cigarettes to quit smoking tobacco. Does that mean that if you’re not a smoker, you should skip CBD cigarettes?

Not necessarily! CBD may have a number of benefits including pain management, increased relaxation, improved appetite, and improved sleep. CBD may act as a helpful supplement to your doctor-recommended health regimen. 

Smoking hemp may produce these benefits faster than other forms of CBD, like oil and lotion. However, it is also possible that products with a higher concentration of CBD, such as full-spectrum CBD oil, may produce longer-lasting effects. Trying different CBD products is often the best way to decide which form of CBD works best for you.

Make an Informed Decision About Your Health Supplements 

CBD usage is on the rise and we can imagine that it’s here to stay. CBD cigarettes are just one of many different forms of CBD that you can find on the market today. If you’re trying to quit smoking or want to give CBD a shot, CBD cigarettes may be right for you.

Are you doing it all, from managing the household to running a business to boosting your health? If so, you’re in good company. Take a look around for the content you need to get inspired and get going.


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