Why AJ Styles Needs To Lose The WWE Title


Why AJ Styles Needs To Lose The WWE Title


  1. The moment Simon Miller gets his lips ready for Vince McMahon’s Kiss My Ass Club. He could at the very least apply some chapstick at the beginning of his videos henceforth, I’d be a huge fan.

  2. Well, at Wrestlemania, this would've been Shinsuke Nakamura's night to be WWE champion, so he could bring honor to himself, New Japan and to his motherland, Japan, but WWE and the nefarious MEEKMAHAN and the MAN with the 3 Hs had other plans, turning him into a corporate heel. This is nothing like the times in NJPW where Nakamura and AJ Styles fought each other and ended up with respect with one another. This is just another example of organizations like WWE turning popular stars like Nakamura into another Roman Reigns, loved one day, but hated the next. If this was done differently, Nakamura would've been champion and he and AJ would fist bump in a sign of respect knowing that the better man won. But that is not going to happen, because McMahon turned him into a corporate heel, just to make AJ still the champ. Bad booking, indeed.

  3. BULLCRAP.. AJ deserves the title. Everyone wanted to see him win it, but then everyone wants someone older to lose it to new talent. Aj deserves it, and new talent doesn't have to go over everything against legends. The legend title then deteriates

  4. here is what i think should happen:
    Nakamura loses AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN to AJ Styles..
    because if Nakamura won the title then why is he still acting like an asshole?
    the whole point of Shinuke's Heel turn is that he didn't win the big one.
    so have him lose the feud with AJ ..then go after The Us title, were he wins it from Jeff hardy.. or you can put Samoa Joe and Nakamura as a tag team and give them the titles.

  5. As is the case with all the best wrestlers in WWE, I'm won't complain if he looses the title under 2 conditions
    #1) its to the right person. Someone else who can actually put on a great entertaining match & makes sense

    #2) It has to be a damn good match. I want to be able to think " damn, they earned that" at the end of the match….
    I'm a simple man, I like simple things 🤘🏻


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