Home Celebs Movies Why Do Marvel And DC BOTH Have Captain Marvels?

Why Do Marvel And DC BOTH Have Captain Marvels?

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Why Do Marvel And DC BOTH Have Captain Marvels?

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  1. Ok so I have a question, did anyone else realise how similar(Marvel) Captain Marvel's name is to supergirl's. I don't know who came first because they both had a few people taking the role of those super heroes but still Carol Danvers and Kara Danvers, come on guys. Also if someone could tell me who was first that would be great thx!!!!!!

  2. I would prefer Billy Batson to be called Captain Marvel than Shazam. Having the magic word as his name could get awkward. Even if he has to mean it to transform, it could still be hard.

  3. marvel comics was called "timely" then "atlas" back then, they wanted something to pop and get readers so ,since marvel trademark was open and had the pop they got it ,now billy he magical superman he rivals Diana , carol is combat experience augmented veteran, so take her knowledge and his powers then you got something, put Richard in carol's movie and then you get "novel"

  4. Technically dc did not even made captain marvel aka shazam in fact dc was suing the company for having a suoerman rip off because it was selling more comics then dc superman soo after the company can't fight dc they give them the money over the lawsuit but few years later dc wants to add shazam to dc comics by buying him. Marvelmthe comoany pretty much plan to own the name marvel so made a character name captain mar vell. Aka the male version soon later mrs marvel and different characters holding that name till the male captain marvell die and decents later carol denver finally carries the name captain marvel. Dc pretty much give up and start naming there captain marvel shazam. Marvel has the rights to use the marvel names if marvel make captain marvel comics every year.

  5. Being honest? The Fawcett Captain Marvel was a lot of fun! Silly, light hearted with a goofy supporting cast and rogues gallery.
    Mar-Vell was a lot more serious. An actual captain in the Kree military, he endured racism as a pink skinned man in the predominantly blue skinned race.
    If you read the comics, it becomes obvious that neither the Kree nor Skrull were allies to humans. They didn't give a crap about us. Super Skrull was pretty nasty, but the Kree were largely indifferent. Only Mar-Vell fought on behalf of humans.
    Of the Marvel Comics versions, I have to say my favorite is the black gal. Her energy powers are amazing, and I like her New Orleans roots.:)


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