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Why WWE Is Screwing Up John Cena

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Why WWE Is Screwing Up John Cena

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  1. I feel like if used correctly, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose could be the next Rock and Stone Cold. Ambrose already has that dont care persona and was easily the biggest babyface in the company at one point. While Seth was even getting cheered as a heel. They have to capitalize on those two instead of trying to push Roman 24/7.

  2. What he want to say that a man like John Cena whom WWE built strong for years shouldn't lose every month or every 2nd PPV. he should lose at some special occusion just like Owens' debut. Reigns vs Cena was early too , they should've done it at Wrestlemania.

  3. Heel Turn? That would revive a lackluster career just as it did for Hogan during the NWO WCW days. WWE has made Cena a paper champion and comparing him to Flair and the"16" championships they say he won ( the number is actually much higher) is ridiculous. I understand they didn't have many options during the ruthless aggression era besides Orton, CM Punk, hell anyone could have carried that belt at the time but Vince's land of Giants BS ruined John Cena and is going to ruin Ric Flair's legacy. Great Job Vinny

  4. stop saying the new john cena !!! wwe should be aiming at making the new roman finn bray etc because thats waht we want not new versions of old wrestlers cena sucks they arent ruining anything because we all know who wins the feuds and thats cena elias yeah he won creates buzz in the end cena wins elias goes on stays in limbo and then like owens reinvents himself because he has too after being burie by cena

  5. People always complain about John cena beating young talents and "burying" them when in reality just being in the ring with cena ups they're status and y'all want cena to lose every match if that happens then theirs no good that can come out of beating him bc he'd Lose every match if it was your to yall

  6. WWE got Cena wrong for 15 years. He still sucks. This could’ve been how they are messing up everyone new, everyone younger and fresher… but they certainly have NOT messed up Cena. They’ve been pushing him for years.

  7. Alot of people making comments are kinda missing the point here. The fact of the matter is, John Cena (like it was said in the video) as built a legacy for himself and beating him should mean something, it should be important and a major milestone in the career of a wrestler that's all. WWE needs to start taking advantage of this and built up good feuds so that John Cena can properly push someone over and get more wrestlers known..


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