Why WWE Wants To End Internet Spoilers


Why WWE Wants To End Internet Spoilers


  1. I remember back in attitude era when a live posting was the thing. Not video or gifs or twitter. F5 was for refreshing the page to see what the person posting live in the arena was seeing

  2. WWE spoil their own product for views and ratings. They reveal that superstars are returning and matches being revealed (Triple H revealing Ciampa won NXT title even though the match hadn't aired yet and people on west coast having the "live" shows on later than the east coast and get it ruined for them via the WWE social media)

  3. It's funny how Impact doesn't have a problem with it and they tape weeks of episodes at a time…
    I've said it before and I'll say it again: WWE is too corporate for its own good.

  4. You know what would end spoilers?
    If WWE actually starts producing quality content.
    The more people that care about storylines and what's going on, the less likely they'll seek out spoilers and go along with being surprised. I'd dare state, even the smarks would go along with it.

    That's what people do with great shows that they care about. They don't want to know what happens ahead of time. Since WWE is just an "entertainment" TV show, this should apply.

  5. for once I agree with wwe management. it is so annoying to see spoilers and "latest rumors!" everywhere on the internet.
    I know you can't control people in the audience posting tapings results. but I don't care if nia jax has backstage heat or there are plans to put the ic title on dean ambrose or bobby lashley is returning. if i was vince I would put everybody under investigation and fire whoever gives meltzer and friends insider info.
    I wanna be surprised by the product for once. that is why I enjoy new japanand nxt more than wwe's main shows lately.

  6. Tell the superstars to back off of social media also. The Reigns-Strowman animosity became significantly less so because one of them posted pictures of them sight-seeing together in Rome last year. My point is simply social media takes away from any heated rivalry when you know they are bffs in real life.

  7. Spoilers do need to die.. but sometimes wwe kills it themselves.. people should do their best to avoid spoilers though, it ruins wrestling.. also, last few events I went to they said no phones or cameras.. I even had to take my tablet back to the car..


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