WWE News: AEW Chasing AJ Styles? WrestleMania 35 Main Event Plans + More


WWE News: AEW Chasing AJ Styles? WrestleMania 35 Main Event Plans + More


  1. I think the top stars of AEW probably get paid a million while the younger guys/not that big of names get paid 600 to 800 k while Cody Hangman and the Bucks get paid probably 10 mil so if AEW is able give AJ a couple mil plus he only work 2 shows then yeah he’s going to AEW

  2. AJ if he does come to AEW I want him to have a long story with Cody that goes on for a couple of months and they have three matches total and the storyline is about AJ trying to become the leader of AEW and using his good friends the Young Bucks to do it

  3. This isn't the year 1996. While a weekly cable tv show is a definite plus, streaming is where the future is. Especially with the demographic of young males and MID age males, they all know and PREFER streaming. A lot of people don't even pay for cable to begin with. Streaming technology is very reliable these days and only will get better.

  4. If Bray Wyatt is healthy he should be on TV. Bray Having to wait for two other wrestlers in Luke Harper and Erick Rowan to recover and heal is pretty sad and messed up!

  5. I don't know why so many people are too hyped about AEW? I am still a wwe fan but I respect the other pro-wrestling companies and it's also true that AEW is gonna start things very well exactly as they needed to. But those who actually thinks that AEW is gonna top wwe or will make a good competition with wwe in a few months, without any offense I will say that it's not possible so soon. Wwe is actually making more money and profit right now than they ever made before. Also wwe has so many fans around the world and that they have a very few chances of falling into a competition with AEW. AEW will only be supported by pro wrestling lovers but it's true that currently there are more entertainment lovers than wrestling specially the amount of kids are watching it. Again it's only my honest opinion and based on what I know and think.

  6. I'm so happy when AJ debut on royal rumble cause he deserved to be in the big stage more than any other wrestler in this planet even i don't watch WWE. But if AEW can get him i would he so excited and happier 😀😀

  7. IF they manage to get a TV deal AEW should publish their episodes immediately online after they have aired on TV. One of the major drawbacks of WWE network is that the episodes there are a month behind from TV schedule.


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