WWE Release Enzo Amore


WWE Release Enzo Amore


  1. "Zero tolerance for any matters involving sexual harassment or sexual assault" but they're forgetting the purpose of Vince McMahon's Attitude Era gimmick, especially with Trish Stratus.

  2. Ok I just wanna know why Enzo is still champion cuz he got injured and yet somehow still has the championship but just like everyone else they've had to relinquish there title till they're fully recovered and then they can try and take it back

  3. They were probably just waiting for an excuse to fire him. I'm not commenting on whether or not he did it, just saying he was pissing everyone off before this stuff came up so somebody in the head office just jumped on the chance when he had it.

  4. From what (little) I've heard the charges could very likely be bogus, the accusers story is shaky and with multiple holes. WWE Management more recently clarified their decision about firing Enzo by saying that he neglected to tell them that he was being investigated when the police told him and that they found out about it when the story broke publically. Unofficially I'd say he was fired because this was the last of a very large pile of straws, besides the Gift of Gab Enzo also had a gift for rubbing everyone the wrong way, you could probably count the people in the locker room who liked him on one hand and still have enough fingers free to scratch yourself

  5. Could be innocent, could be guilty, it's really up to the court & what evidence they use for this case, this lady seems mentally unstable though, so who really knows? All I know is Enzo's life is screwed regardless, if he's innocent then he lost his job over this (well him not telling WWE about the accusations to begin with, but he prob would've ended up getting released anyways) but even more so if he's found guilty, then he'll be the "Realist pedo on the cell block", & this whole situation is gonna end up haunting him for the rest of his life

  6. I’m just glad he’s gone…I don’t know if he’s guilty or not but he was just so damn annoying…he stole so many styles, gimmicks and catchphrases and just threw it all together…he was so unoriginal and had zero talent…good riddance!


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