WWE’s Ridiculous Contract Offer To Young Bucks Revealed


WWE’s Ridiculous Contract Offer To Young Bucks Revealed


  1. AEW is better then WWE because they care about their workers if WWE care about their workers why they get in trouble for tweeting something that is going to get them over and why they have no freedom they only get see their families like 10 times a year WWE does not care

  2. WWE is wasting money it’s not like they are going do anything with them The Young Bucks are a tag team NXT is the only WWE show where the tag team division that actually maters and The NXT Tag Team division is just getting started up

  3. That is a big push to kill aew before it started and the bucks knew the 6 month out was garbage because the momentum for aew would be killed. Good on the elite for going to change the (wrestling) world.

  4. Everyone is hyping AEW, and for good reason, but no one seems to point out the fact that if AEW doesn't get a television deal, then it'll be one time paper view events. They want to have a tuesday night series but are awaiting a deal, so heres hoping. Some competition would be nice again

  5. Honestly I don't blame any of them for turning it down. Even if AEW crashes and burns, these guys are in the biz because they want to wrestle. If the 6 month window for the Bucks is true, having watched what happened to virtually everybody that came over from WCW after the buyout, I would bet the Bucks push would die at 6 months + 1 day and that would be the end of it.

  6. The best thing about this is that if Kenny was offered the same 6 month loophole deal, he could get his Mania match and jump ship right over to AEW no harm, no foul. And it would actually probably be better for AEW . It wouldn't be like he was missing any shows for them. Go right from Mania to Double or Nothing? Stellar.

    Kinda hope he does just sign with AEW and enjoy his few months off, though.

  7. Kind of surprising they didn't accept the offer, especially considering the six month period where they could leave if they were unsatisfied. But all the power to them, I guess, they're definitely sticking to their guns.

  8. Way to estrange and enrage all your existing and signed talent. Perfect way to get the DOZENS of top stars who are sick of having their creativity stifled and their pushes buried to move to AEW!

  9. Is it dump that Cody and the Bucks turned the WWE down … Hell yeah! but it just proves that Cody and the Bucks are invested in AEW! … and lets be honest even if AEW did Die it sounds like they have a good relationship with the WWE

  10. Vince is smart…
    But Cody is a lot smarter but think about WCW ECW AND NOW AEW get ready fans for a battle for brand supremacy..
    But everyone knows Vince is going to win he's the G.O.A.T IN THE BUISNESS WORLD


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