Looking to add some weapons to your pleasure arsenal this year? Here is a thorough rundown of the best sex toys on the market today!
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The Best Sex Toys On the Market Right Now!

A sex toy can really make getting it on with your partner or by yourself an even more thrilling experience. If you’re looking to start your own toy chest (or add to an existing one), you might feel overwhelmed at all the options.  Keep reading to find our sex toy recommendations for both beginners and …

Florida Man September 22
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Florida Man September 22 – Animals were harmed

On September 22, there have been many Florida Man stories involving animals. And this time, I got something more for you. For animal lovers, these stories could make you laugh and get angry at the same time. That is normal since we’re talking about Florida Man here. Anyway, these two stories involve two different kinds …

finding the best CBD cigarettes in the USA
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Guide to CBD Cigarettes and Why They Matter

Despite the obvious name, there are a lot of differences between CBD cigarettes, joints, and tobacco cigarettes. Since many aren’t familiar with CBD cigarettes, we decided to give you an introduction to this particularly popular product on the market. More so, we will tell you exactly why they matter. So with all that out of …