5 Superb Letterhead Examples

Custom letterheads make a company look that much more professional. Where can you find the best letterhead examples? Click here for our top choices.

No matter how small a business is, you never know when it’s going to land a big client. Yet, many times, they land the client because of a great first impression. And, did you know that 69% of American businesses start from the entrepreneur’s home?

That’s a lot of people making good first impressions from their sofa or garage. So, how do they do it? For many home-based businesses, the best foot forward begins with company letterhead.

So, where do you look for the best letterhead examples? Getting a new venture going is not as hard as it seems on a shoestring budget. So, keep reading for some letterhead design that’s sure to inspire you.

3 Key Features

It all begins with a strong business logo. And, nothing says professional more than simplicity. So, choose a design that presents the values of your company with a compelling look.

Then, use color and layout to reflect who you are as a business. With colors to reflect your personality, the layout should follow naturally. Look at psychological studies for colors with meaning. 

The third element is how your design appears across different channels. A look and feel that translates on digital documents as well as print is a sure winner. For example, a smart but simple corporate letterhead speaks to clients without clutter or waste. 

5 Letterhead Examples

Your business type will play a large role in how you design a corporate letterhead. Choose one that fits the industry to give buyers confidence in your expertise.

1. Minimalist

Some corporate letterhead makes a statement with one simple initial. For example, a financial firm projects a solid image. In that field, you wouldn’t want to see something too colorful or fanciful.

2. Splash

Of course, if you’re promoting a new food product, you will want color to help with your image. Use the color not only as part of the letterhead design. Use color as part of the page.

3. Directional

A company name can embellish the brand with the positioning on the page. Move the word around and add borders or solid lines to make it stand out.

4. Shaped

Businesses with a flare for the dramatic use of geometric shapes on corporate letterhead. They will use them s directional cues to draw the eye.

5. Picturesque

Then, of course, you can go full out with background imagery. Certain businesses lend themselves to a picturesque setting. A good letterhead design creates a mood for the viewer.

Test Your Designs

The best way to check your business logo success is with your corporate letterhead is to try it out. Print off sample pages and cards if your printer will comply. Seeing your design on digital documents is just as important.

Once you have a letterhead design or two, why not send it to friends as an email? Ask them for their initial impressions. That’s the best way to gauge a result. 

This is the best time to try different letterhead examples. So let the creative juices flow, and if you enjoyed this article, come back for more helpful tips.


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