7 Unique Wall Mirror Shapes for Adding Personality to a Room


Did you know that in 2018, the global wall decor market was valued at USD 51.25 billion?

Interior spaces can take on life with the right pieces. Wall mirrors are incredibly effective when addressing awkward elements in a room and giving it character.

Unique wall mirror shapes come in plenty, each offering a different appeal. You need to figure out which one or mix and match a few. Don’t miss out on the chance to bring life and character to the room you’re working with today.

Here are some wall mirror shapes you can consider.

1. Round Mirrors

Round mirrors are an excellent choice for adding personality to a room. They come in various sizes that can be used as statement pieces, depending on their size.

Round mirrors have a unique shape that draws attention and adds modern charm. They are versatile and can work with any decor.

2. Unusual Hexagonal Custom Mirrors

Adding personality to a room with unique wall mirror shapes is an exciting way to upgrade any space. Introducing unusual hexagonal custom mirrors allows homeowners to unleash their creativity and customize their mirrors to fit the dimensions of any room.

Each mirror has various shapes and sizes, from long, thin hexagons to large, round ones.

3. Starburst Mirrors

Starburst mirrors are a unique and eye-catching addition to any room. As the name implies, these mirrors are composed of radiating spikes of mirrored tiles resembling a star shape. Their vibrant, shiny brilliance offers a fun and cheerful accent that will make any room more lively.

Furthermore, the reflective properties of starburst mirrors make them particularly effective for bouncing light naturally around the room. 

4. Irregular-Shaped Mirrors

Irregular-shaped mirrors can give a unique and modern look to any room in a home. They come in varying shapes and sizes, allowing owners to customize a space and add their personalities. The outside of the mirror can be exciting and unique shapes such as circles, ovals, ribbons, and squiggly lines.

5. Art Deco Sunburst Mirrors

Art deco sunburst mirrors are a great way to add personality and style to a room. Sunburst mirrors create a dramatic focal point and act as a centerpiece for any room. They work great in traditional as well as modern decor.

The unique, geometric art deco sunburst mirrors give rooms an unexpected effect. The mirrors feature various finishes and materials, including gold, silver, wood, and iron. Check out these decorative wall mirrors for sale if you want the best one.

6. Asymmetrical Mirrors

Adding an asymmetrical wall mirror to a room can brighten and enliven the space. Asymmetrical mirrors can be a great way to add a unique personality to a room. These mirrors come in all shapes and can have thick, rounded frames or be freestanding mirrors made of steel or wood.

7. Funky Figure Shapes

Unique wall mirror shapes are the perfect way to add personality to any room. Funky figure shapes, such as circles, stars, and hearts, can create a fun and whimsical atmosphere in your home. These shapes can represent your style and help make a focal point in the room.

Mirrored shapes can also reflect light and make the room brighter. 

Choose the Best Unique Wall Mirror

Unique wall mirror shapes add personality and character to any room. Whether you choose a metallic circle, oval, octagon, or something more conventional, like a rectangle or square, they are the perfect addition to any wall. There are a variety of styles available to fit any decor. 

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