Common Myths and Misunderstandings About Kitchen Faucet Installation


Are you looking to replace your kitchen faucet?

It can be an intimidating experience for those new to home repair projects. Your kitchen faucet is one of your kitchen’s most critical features. So you want to make sure you perform the kitchen faucet installation correctly.

However, many common misunderstandings surrounding the process lurk around every corner. What do you need to understand before attempting a faucet installation?

Here’s a breakdown of some common myths and misconceptions when installing a kitchen faucet.

You Need to Replace Your Whole Faucet

The truth is much simpler. It just depends on your installation and your kitchen sink problems. 

It’s generally easier and more cost-effective to replace broken parts. Another practical solution is to tighten the connections. And you can use special tools to prevent any further damage.

Replacing a whole faucet is generally an unneeded expense. Sometimes you only need a drain cleaning or replace the cartridge. It’s rarely needed and can leave you with an uncomfortable kitchen fit. 

Kitchen Faucet Installation Is Very Hard

This is untrue since there are a few basic steps one has to follow when installing a kitchen faucet. Most times, the installation process takes only 15-30 minutes.

Making the right measurements is a crucial step that ensures the proper fit of the faucet. Plumbers tape, Teflon tape, and O-rings are important tools in the installation process. 

With patience, accuracy, and the right tools, kitchen faucet installation may be easy for the average DIYer.

You Need to Hire a Plumber

While it’s true that professionals should do some plumbing projects, installing a kitchen faucet is something that most homeowners can do themselves. You only need the proper materials and instructions.

It’s Expensive

Most kitchen sink faucet installations do not need the help of a professional. This makes the kitchen sink faucet installation much more cost-effective. And a kitchen faucet that comes with a pre-assembled supply line is even more cost-effective and efficient.

Certain Tap Styles Are Better

While the design and aesthetic of the taps are up to the homeowner’s preference, there is no sign that one style is better than another. You only need to consider its functionality, arc of the spout, sprayer types, and water pressure.

Some styles of taps may need more work such as drilling into the countertop. This depends on what the kitchen sink already has in place. 

So it is important to ensure that the faucet you choose is the correct fit.

It’s Not That Difficult

Kitchen faucet installation is essential to improving your home! Knowing the facts can help avoid common myths and misunderstandings, ensuring a safe and successful outcome. And if you are a DIY-er who is confident in your abilities, you can handle the installation.

For those who are still uncertain, then consider the help of a professional. Just don’t get caught up in the myths and misunderstandings. Take the initiative today and brighten up your kitchen with a beautiful new faucet!

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