Debunking the Most Common Pool Ownership Myths That Exist Today


Did you know there are 10.4 million residential pools in the US? Swimming remains a popular pastime among families. If you want to add a backyard pool but worry about all the maintenance, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over common myths with residential pools. We will go over the truth and the falsehoods regarding pool ownership. You will learn how straightforward pool ownership is for homeowners.

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Myth: People Could Get Hurt

Some homeowners worry about accidents.

If you have children, the pool should always get supervised by an adult.
You could also get pool covers, gates, and pool alarms. These tools will add another level of protection to your pool.

Make sure you tell guests not to run around the pool. Explain important rules beforehand.

Myth: You’ll Deal With Lots of Maintenance and Upkeep

Many homeowners think they’ll need to do a lot of upkeep and maintenance work.

There’s a technology that you can use today that provides easy cleaning solutions. You will enjoy your pool all year long without worrying about complicated maintenance.

Myth: Pools Are Too Expensive

Many people will put off owning a pool because they think it’s too expensive. Pool ownership is possible for most homeowners.

The cost of your pool is often relative to your pool size, type, and installation. There are ways to afford a reasonably priced pool. Learn more about the costs to build a pool.

Your pool will lower the costs of other seasonal activities as well. Instead of buying a pool membership for your family, enjoy swimming in your backyard.

Myth: You’ll Wreck Your Landscape Aesthetic

Some above-ground pools look ugly and can ruin the aesthetic appeal of your backyard. But you can install a pool that will improve the look of your property.

Find a designer who can create an excellent pool for your home. With the proper decking and landscaping, you’ll make a stunning oasis. Improve your property’s curb appeal.

Myth: Your Electric Bill Increases

Some people think owning a pool will increase their electricity bill each month. Yet, air conditioners will cost you more to run compared to an electric pool pump.

Utility bills will vary and depend on the square footage of your home and where you live. Utility bills increase only about 20 or 30 dollars if you have an energy-efficient pump.

You can lower the cost of your pool construction by choosing the right pump.

Will You Pursue Pool Ownership?

We hope this guide on pool ownership was helpful. Consider what kind of pool you’ll install for your home and ways to save money.

You don’t need to worry about complicated maintenance tasks. Owning a pool is a lot easier than you think. Improve your curb appeal and backyard this summer.

Ready to learn more homeowner tips? Stay around and browse our blog today for more information.


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