Five Steps to Creating a Cozy Living Room That You’ll Never Want to Leave


Did you know that homeowners spend an average of four and a half hours a day in the living room? This room usually contains a television and is close to the kitchen, which makes it an ideal space to reside for long periods of time.

Do you want to design a cozy living room that you and your family will love? Here are some of the best living room design ideas for comfortable living.

1. Choose Warm Lighting

If you have harsh lighting, your space may seem cold and sterile. Try warm shades of yellow and soft white to complement your comfortable living room ideas.

Rather than overhead lights, you can create a soft glow with a series of small lamps. Table lamps and wall sconces can provide plenty of lighting, but will not overwhelm the room.

2. Comfy Blankets and Pillows

When you sit on a couch or chair, a blanket or pillow can bring it to the next level of comfort. To freshen up a room, try out throw pillows that can double as cushions for guests to lean against, rather than just stiff decoration.

Make sure that you have soft blankets available that you can use when the temperatures cool down, to create an intimate space.

3. Use Your Fireplace

One of the best features of a comfortable living room is a fireplace. A fireplace can provide light and warmth, and invite people to gather around a central space.

If you do not want to manually replace fireplace kindling, then you should consider upgrading to an electric fireplace.

4. Try Scent Diffusers

Rather than a candle, you can actually create your own unique scent with a scent diffuser. Blend your favorite essential oils together to make a scent profile that fits in with your living room ideas. Guests will know that you have a signature scent for your home.

Some of the most calming scents include lavender, chamomile, ylang-ylang, cedar wood, and sandalwood. Explore more to find the perfect scent diffuser that meets your needs.

5. Create a Conversation Pit

A comfortable living room should not just be about enjoying television. In fact, you can also encourage conversation by arranging furniture for close gatherings in your living area.

Surround chairs and couches around a central element, such as a coffee table. This will create a conversation pit where people can have face-to-face discussions and get to know each other.

Design the Perfect Cozy Living Room Today

If you want to make your space as warm and inviting as possible, a cozy living room is one of the key elements. With these living room design ideas, you can have the most comfortable living room that your guests and family will love.

Would you like more ideas and inspiration for how to freshen up a room or upgrade your house? Check out our lifestyle section for all the tips and tricks you will need to bring your space to the next level.


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