Five Tips to Help You Water Grass


Did you know that a healthy lawn can prevent erosion and cool down your property’s temperature? Those are just a few reasons to water grass and keep it looking beautiful.

Do you know how to water grass effectively for the best results? There are several ways of watering grass that make the task easier and more eco-friendly.

The following guide will give you five tips on how to water the lawn properly. Read on a learn how to turn your yard a luscious green and keep it that way!

1. Times to Water Grass

Between 4 and 9 AM is the optimal time for watering lawns. It gives grass blades time to dry and stops disease and fungus. The grass stays wet much longer if you water lawns in the evening and might not dry out.

Watering after 9 AM might prevent water from getting down to the roots. Sun causes most of the water to evaporate later in the day.

2. Watering Different Areas

Specific areas of your yard might need different amounts of water. For example, shaded areas don’t require nearly as much water.

Sloped areas need more water because it runs to lower areas. It’s also important to monitor the low areas if they start to pool with water. Visit to have a pro evaluate your yard.

3. Consider Your Yard’s Color

It’s important to look for signs of drought in your yard before it’s too late. The first sign is usually your yard’s color changing from green to a bluish-grey.

If this happens, water the area quickly and heavily to bring it back. You can’t revive grass once it dies or goes dormant.

If your grass is yellow it might be a problem with the soil. Try adding fertilizer and resume your normal watering schedule.

4. Water Amount

Try to get half an inch of water onto your grass when watering the lawn. Less than half an inch won’t prompt the roots to grow deeper for water.

You can use a rain gauge to ensure that sprinklers produce the right amount of water. Empty the gauge once a week and move it around the yard to locate trouble spots.

5. Watering Frequency

Watering your yard daily might actually be harmful to its health. It teaches your grass that water is always near the surface. Then, the roots become vulnerable to high heat.

Try watering your lawn more heavily but less frequently. Only water 2 times each week in the fall and spring. Don’t water more than 3 times each week in the summer.

Watering less frequently strengthens your lawn’s root system. Deep roots create great resistance against heat, drought, and stress for your lawn.

Ready for a Healthier Lawn?

Now you know how to water grass properly and build strong roots. Water early, heavily, and less frequently. Keep an eye on your lawn’s color, shaded areas, and slopes.

Remember the five simple tips from this guide and start seeing noticeable improvements to your lawn. Check out our other household articles for more fascinating tips and tricks.


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