How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in the Yard Naturally

Mosquitoes can bite and spread disease even in your own backyard. Learn how to get rid of mosquitoes naturally in this guide.

Mosquitoes are a major matter. 200 different species of mosquitoes live in the United States. Not all of them are dangerous to humans, but many of them can spread diseases like the West Nile virus. 

If you notice mosquitoes in the garden, you have to get rid of them. Yet you don’t need harmful chemicals in order to remove insects. 

How can you learn how to get rid of mosquitoes in the yard naturally? What are some basic things you can do? What sorts of plants can you use to force mosquitoes away? 

Answer these questions and you can master how to get rid of mosquitoes. Here is your quick guide. 

Remove Standing Water

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in pools of water. You should move your birdbaths away from your house and empty them out every few days. You should also clean your gutters so water does not pool in them. 

If you have a pool, add a current to it. A little motion will prevent mosquitoes from landing in the water and laying their eggs. You should also put a cover over your pool during the winter months. 

Install Lights

Lights can disorient mosquitoes. Put yellow bulbs inside of your light fixtures instead of white ones. Yellow light is hard for them to see in, and they may fly away if they see yellow light around your house. 

Try to find LED bulbs. They last longer than incandescent bulbs and they don’t use as much electricity. 

Run Some Fans

Moving the air can be just as effective as moving the water. Install an outdoor fan that will make a consistent breeze. Mosquitoes will fly away if they encounter too much resistance. 

Do not use a window fan. Mosquitoes can slip through the gaps between your fan and window frame and gather inside your house. 

Grow Natural Mosquito Deterrents 

You can grow a plant as a mosquito repellent. Red cedar bark is repulsive to mosquitoes. You can grow red cedar trees, or you can spread mulch through your garden. 

Many bug sprays contain citronella oil in them. They deter mosquitoes and other insects, including bees and house flies. Place a few citronella candles around your house.

You can also attract predators to your yard. If you have mosquitoes in the yard, place a birdhouse in it. Birds will fly in and then eat your insects for you. 

If push comes to shove, you should buy some tools. A mosquito fogger backpack will spread pesticides throughout your lawn. Make sure you find pesticides that do not damage land and groundwater. 

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in the Yard Naturally

You must understand how to get rid of mosquitoes in the yard naturally. The easiest thing you can do is remove pools of water around your house. Pour out your birdbaths and put a cover over your pool. 

Install yellow lights that disorient mosquitoes. You can also run fans so mosquitoes cannot fly toward you. 

Several plants act as mosquito deterrents, including red cedar trees. But you can bring animals into your yard that eat insects, namely birds. 

Getting rid of mosquitoes is one way to improve your yard. Find out additional ways by following our coverage. 


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