How to Talk Dirty: A Beginner’s Guide

Want to spice things up in the bedroom and feel more confident in intimate situations? Learn how to talk dirty to your partner in our beginner's guide now.

Are you looking to spice things up in bed?

Only a small portion of American adults are sexually inactive. When you are often making love with your partner, things can become monotonous. However, simple activities like talking dirty can get both of you going.

If you have no idea where to start, our guide can help. Read on as we list some tips on how to talk dirty with your partner:

Say What You Want Before Sex

Before you learn how to talk dirty during sex, butter up your partner with dirty talk before the act. Tell them what you want to do. Once you get to it, be descriptive of what you like about it.

This tip is more effective when you are learning how to talk dirty to a girl. After all, they often feel more aroused when they use their imagination. It is the reason erotic books are popular among female readers.

Meanwhile, men like pornography more because they like more direct visuals. It also takes more time for women to get aroused compared to men. After all, the former holds more in their mind while the latter is more singular in their focus.

As a man, captivate her attention and offer something more than what is happening in her mind. Once you do, she will become more open to intimacy.

For example, some women with a high sex drive only become receptive after getting into the mood. In most cases, you will always guess when it happens. Dirty talk is the solution to make her think about having sex more frequently. On this note, if you are a man and feel like your sex drive has gone down drastically, then it may be time to go to a TRT Carmel clinic (or a clinic in your area) to see if they can address the problem at hand.

Be More Descriptive

A lot of people get turned on when they hear more details of dirty talk. It isn’t wrong to say simple things such as “you look smoking hot right now.” However, shifting them with descriptive details can supercharge them.

For example, instead of saying the statement above, you can say something like, “You fulfill all my fantasies and more. I love every part of you, especially your luscious boobs.”

Use All Your Senses

The fastest method of boosting eroticism and your dirty talk quality is to use multi-sensory words. As always, be descriptive with your statements. Most people use two primary senses when doing dirty talk: touch and sight.

Nothing is wrong when you want to remain within your comfort zone. However, going beyond these dominant sexual senses means having fun when you let your fantasies run free. 

For example, you can tell them how you love the sounds they make during sex. You can also say their scent makes you go wild with desire. 

Never Use Too Much Profanity

Each person has a specific set of trigger words. These often feel too jarring, especially when they do not like swearing. Depending on your partner, the dirty talk can either include clinical descriptions or street slang.

Some people will like it when you call them derogatory terms like “whore” or “slut.” Others will feel repulsed when you call them anything close to these words during lovemaking.

For this reason, consider checking with your partner outside the bedroom. Ask them about words they do not like when you are dirty talking. Ensure you are not being sexual with each other.

Asking for their preferences does not take away from dirty talking. It is a sign you respect their boundaries. You are not ruining the mood since you are making them feel safe, comfortable, and loved.

Leap Into the Unknown

While reading this guide, you might already feel some internal tension about saying these dirty words aloud. The act of letting these out feels like standing on a cliff edge. After all, you feel afraid of receiving a negative response from your partner.

If your childhood environment involved religious or cultural repression, the feeling of shame is more prevalent. Your mind will lock up since it thinks what you are doing is unsafe. When you start feeling this, make an effort to set up a safe space for dirty talking before exploring.

Tell your partner you intend to spice your lovemaking with a sprinkle of dirty talk. However, you feel anxious and shy when you do so. Talking about these allows you to make a mutual agreement to accept each other, regardless of what you say.

Doing this chat also allows you to talk about your turn-ons and turn-offs. Knowing what is okay will make your mind at ease. It will make your future sexy talks anxiety-free.

Learn How to Talk Dirty Over Text

Are you experiencing sex anxiety at the prospect of dirty talking? Test the waters and become more comfortable through naughty text messages. Send your partner these messages and determine how they respond.

Once you are sure they like it, you will feel safer and more comfortable voicing your naughty thoughts in person. It is liberating when they respond with encouragement. 

When you send saucy texts, you are building the perfect amount of tension before dates. It also applies when you are looking to keep the fire ablaze.

If you are unsure where to start, use soft or easy messages. Tease them with what you intend to do once you meet, but make it subtle. For example, you can tell them you have a sexy surprise waiting for them.

Another way to tease them with dirty texts is to think about a specific moment during your last encounter. Describe what it is and let them know you are thinking about it right now.

Do you need more advice to make your next romp memorable? Check out the New Eden Sex Talk blog to learn more.

Discover How to Talk Dirty Now

These are some starter tips when learning how to talk dirty. Always remember to consult with your partner to establish boundaries. The best sex often happens when both parties enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Did you find this guide helpful? If so, consider reading our other posts to expand your knowledge today.


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