Is It Worth Getting Heated Floors?

Read on to discover the pros, cons, and everything about having heated floors to make the right decision for your house and budget here.

You feel a shiver go up your spine as you plant your feet down on your cold bedroom floor. Not only does your room feel like an arctic wonderland, but you’ve been sneezing a lot more often. 

To kick the chill and the allergins to the curb, you should consider installing heated floors. They’re better at warming up rooms than a traditional HVAC system, and turning them on doesn’t cause dust to circulate.

They can be expensive to get, but they come with a set of benefits that’s a mile long. Keep reading to learn more about what makes these floors special. 

They Don’t Only Heat the Floors

A floor heating system doesn’t stop at warming up your floors. They can radiate heat through the entire room. Not only that, but they allow for even heat distribution. 

You see, traditional duct systems push hot air through your vents. How toasty the system makes the room depends on where your vents are. In most cases, it causes one part of the room to be a winter wonderland and the other to be comfortable. 

Heated floors warm up the entire room at once, so you’re comfortable no matter where you decide to sit. 

Clean and Quiet

When a regular air system pops on, it brings along a bunch of noise with it. Electric floor heating does not. It’s so quiet that you’ll forget that you installed it in the first place. 

Not only is it basically silent, but it’s also cleaner than other heating systems. Dust tends to get lodged into regular vents. When the system turns on, it pushes all those built-up allergens through your house. 

There’s No Maintenance Involved

Once the heated floor installation is done, that’s it. You shouldn’t have to do anything else with it as far as maintenance goes. The only thing you have to worry about is maybe a cable coming loose. 

If that happens, you’ll call the plumbing and heating installer over to fix things up for you. 

The System Works With a Variety of Floors

The heated floor system works by pushing hot water through tubes. These tubs run under your subfloor. That means you can pretty much install any type of flooring material you want over top of the system. 

Anything goes, though, some contractors request that you don’t use wood. The reason being is that the system can give off some moisture. If that happens, it can cause the planks to warp.

The best flooring to use with the heated system is laminate. Vinyl and carpet aren’t terrible choices either. 

Let Heated Floors Keep Your Family Warm 

Are you tired of half-warmed rooms and HVAC systems that make a lot of noise? Make the switch to heated floors. This system allows for fewer allergens to spread around a house. 

They’re also easy to maintain, and they work with pretty any floor material you want. What’s not to love? For more tips to keep your house nice and cozy, visit the Home & Garden section of our blog. 


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