The Best Sex Toys On the Market Right Now!

Looking to add some weapons to your pleasure arsenal this year? Here is a thorough rundown of the best sex toys on the market today!

A sex toy can really make getting it on with your partner or by yourself an even more thrilling experience. If you’re looking to start your own toy chest (or add to an existing one), you might feel overwhelmed at all the options. Luckily, on the internet, you can easily find exotic masturbation toys for men and many other things, so shop around!

Keep reading to find our sex toy recommendations for both beginners and experienced users.

1. Dildos

Dildos come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials which is what makes them great for people just starting their foray into sex toys. 

Use them alone or with your partner. A double-ended dildo is great for partners who want pleasure at the same time. Use a strap-on attachment to take control.

Glass dildos have a different feeling than ones made with silicone. Visit a sex toy store to gets hands-on with the different materials to find one that suits your fancy. 

2. Vibrators

Vibrators are among the most popular sex toy out there. Like dildos, they come in different shapes, sizes, and intensities. Some are rechargeable via wire, others take batteries, and the really powerful ones plug right into your outlet. 

If you’re a beginner we recommend trying a bullet or clit vibrator to start. These are the classic vibrator options and are always sure to please.

Some manufacturers even sell remote-controlled vibrators and vibrating panties. Can you imagine controlling your partner’s pleasure in a public place where anyone could catch you?

3. Masturbation Sleeves

Why should women have all the fun? There are plenty of sex toys on the market for dudes, too. Masturbation sleeves are among the most popular toys for men. 

Find a sleeve made of a soft, pliable material. Use toy-compatible lube to keep things comfortable and extra pleasurable. Don’t forget to clean out the sleeve after use to keep it sanitary. 

4. Butt Plugs & Anal Beads

If you’re ready to take it to the next level, anal beads and butt plugs are a perfect way to ease into anal play (pun intended). The key with these types of toys is to start small. You need to build up to using the bigger toys you might see in stores.

Plugs and anal beads are great because both sexes can use them. The key is finding the right toy for your experience level.

Try to find a set of butt plugs that get gradually larger in size. Be sure each toy has a wide base so the entire toy won’t slide into places it’ll be difficult to get out. 

Anal beads are great because they feature spheres that increase in size the further you go. You can find anal beads that will suit your fancy as both a beginner and advanced user. Like butt plugs, beads have a “stopper” at the end to prevent any unfortunate accidents.

Buy Yourself a Sex Toy Today

There’s no shame in looking for ways to boost your sex life. Whether you’re suffering from a low sex drive or going wild with your high libido, a sex toy encourages both fun and pleasure.

Keep reading our health and wellness blogs for more tips on improving your life satisfaction. 


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