The Ultimate Guide on How to Keep Employees Happy


By now, it’s pretty well-known that happy workers are productive workers. And in today’s post-pandemic world where workers care more about how they are treated, along with a very tight labor market, it is very important that employers keep their employees happy. Otherwise, if you don’t keep morale up, your employees might very well quit en masse.

Of course, figuring out how to keep employees happy is easier said than done. Luckily for you, we are here to help with just that.

Would you like to learn more on this subject? If so then keep on reading and we will walk you through everything that you are going to need to know!

1. Prioritize Work-Life Balance

These days, everyone seems to be talking about work-life balance. And that’s a good thing. No longer are workers expected to spend most of their working lives behind a desk, just working for the weekend.

In order to keep your workers happy, they need to be able to work and also make the most of their personal and social lives.

By prioritizing work-life balance, your employees will be able to have lower stress and not get burned out at work.

A lot of employees face chronic stress when they are at work. They likely have a lot on their mind. And if your worker can’t take care of their personal issues because they are so busy working then that is going to affect their job performance.

Also, chronic stress can lead to health problems like cardiovascular issues, chronic pain, and digestive problems. When it comes to mental health, your employees might start to suffer from increased anxiety, insomnia, and even depression.

2. Allow Flexible Working Schedules

This next point is related to what we were saying about work-life balance. Your employees should feel like they have some control and flexibility when it comes to working schedules. This is going to help them take care of the important matters in their personal lives while also dedicating enough time to their work. For example, if you’re running a home care business, a home care scheduling software solution would help your employees work more efficiently by automatically organizing their shifts.

When your employee feels comfortable, they are going to put more mental energy into their work and provide you with better outcomes more efficiently.

Each person has their own internal schedule when they are best suited for work. Some people are great at working long into the night while others need to start their day early. Having flexible hours can help each of your workers make a schedule that is optimal.

Consider letting your employees work on weekends if they want to take off on a weekday or two.

3. Listen to Your Employees

Having a top-down structure is inefficient and will cost your company in the end. Your employees are your eyes and ears. They have a first-hand look at how things are run and managed.

They are communicating with your customers and have a great perspective and what the customer is after. It is very important that you get their feedback regularly.

First off, listening to your employees is going to help you have a leaner and more efficient business. Having a sound employee communication strategy in place will help everyone in the business. But more importantly, it means that your employees are going to feel heard.

Nobody wants to work at a company where they just feel like another cog in the machine. They want to feel like they can make a difference. And if your employees feel like they don’t matter as an individual then why are they going to put any effort into what they do?

Even if your employee has a very low-level job, they can still provide great insight and value.

Employee assistance program software can help with this.

4. Create Career Mobility

Your workers need to have room for career mobility and growth. This can be done with specialized software for tracking professional development. Recognizing the skills and achievements of your employees will help them feel secure, productive, and motivated.

It’s common for workers to feel inspired to increase their responsibilities at the company when their employers are taking note and nurturing their talent.

Most employees aren’t happy just staying at their current position forever. They want to be promoted or they end up leaving. Even your stock boys are likely fantasizing about being executives someday.

As an employer, you need to create a framework where people who work hard are rewarded with raises, bonuses, and promotions. If an employee feels that they are stuck in a dead-end job then their motivation and productivity are going to go out the window.

A good employer keeps good workers in the company by rewarding them. If you don’t promote from within regularly then your best employees are going to start looking elsewhere.

This can lead to brain drain within the company. Also, it is going to cost you time, money, and productivity to have to be constantly training new people.

5. Build a Positive Work Environment

It is easier said than done to foster a positive work environment. However, it is very important that you do this for the sake of your employees. Talented workers, and even low-skilled workers, don’t want to go to a job where they are treated poorly.

You need to have a company culture that treats everyone with respect. Having rude managers is going to lead to your top talent leaving in a hurry. People shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes.

If people are afraid to mess up then that won’t stop them from messing up, it will just stop them from admitting when they’ve made a mistake. Your employees should be encouraged to experiment and try new things.

Scared employees aren’t happy, they are resentful. You should treat your employees the way that you would want to be treated.

6. Offer Extensive Benefits

One of the most effective ways to make your employees happier is to offer a lot of benefits. When you provide things like healthcare, this does several things. First off, it takes away some of the financial worries that your employees might have.

It also is a sign to your employees that you care about their well-being. This is especially apparent when you go above and beyond what the law requires of you.

So how do you know which benefits are going to be the most effective for your employees? Ask them. See what your employees’ concerns are and what your company can do to alleviate those concerns.

Do you have a lot of young parents working at your company? You might want to prioritize parental leave. Perhaps sick and vacation days are more important.

Unless you listen to your employees, you are not going to know what they actually need. You should also celebrate birthdays and throw holiday parties.

This is going to make your employees feel appreciated and valued. And they should be valued and appreciated.

You never want to have the attitude that your employees should be grateful to you for giving them a job. Instead, you should be grateful that your employees chose to work at your company instead of for someone else.

7. Encourage Breaks

You should encourage your employees to work hard. But you don’t want to overwork them. Your employee might agree to stay late to finish a project but they might be upset about doing it.

Your employee needs time to rest, eat, and go outside. You should encourage your employees to take regular short breaks and get outside.

Taking a five-minute break shouldn’t bring your business to a grinding halt but it can have a lot of benefits for your employees.

8. Learn More About Your Employees

Hopefully, you are seeing a pattern by now. In order to make your employees happier, you need to see them as individual people, not just workers.

Take the time to get to know more about your employees. What are their personal and career goals?

Are they married? Do they have kids?

Have birthday parties and throw after-work events. Maybe you start a softball team or take everyone to the bar one night. This is going to foster a sense of belonging within the company.

The Importance of Knowing How to Keep Employees Happy

Hopefully, after reading the above guide, you now understand how to keep employees happy. As we can see, there is a lot that you can do to make your employees feel happy when they come into work.

We spend a lot of our lives working so it is important that we enjoy what we do and who we do it with. By making your employees feel appreciated and heard, you can greatly improve their mood and productivity.

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