What Are the Best Toilets on the Market?

Stop delaying the evitable and replace the toilets in your home. From top-rated to best flushing, these are the best toilets on the market!

Did you know that the average person will spend about 300 days on the toilet in their lifetime? That’s nearly a whole year! With that amount of throne-time, it’s worth investing in one of the best toilets on the market. If you’re looking to replace or upgrade the most important plumbing feature in your home, read on for some of the most comfortable, efficient, and feature-rich toilets for you to consider.

1. Most Stylish Wall Mounted Toilet

If your bathroom space is limited, try the Kohler Wall Hung Toilet. You’ll need a professional plumber to install this toilet as the tank is concealed in the wall and the carrier system is completely concealed, giving you a sleek design that takes up minimal space. Cleaning is simple as the hung design makes it easy to wipe the bottom of the bowl. With a dual-flush actuator, this elegant loo not only looks beautiful in your space but saves water too.  

2. Top Feature-Rich Toilet

If you’re looking for a toilet that does it all, the American Standard Cadet Touchless Toilet is packed full of features. One of the most hygienic toilets you’ll find when buying a new toilet, this one features touch-free flushing that operates at the wave of your hand. With a backup manual flush-actuator, there’s no flush like the Cadet flush to clear the bowl with quick efficiency. Floor mounted, with an elongated shape, the Cadet looks good in your bathroom, too.

3. Most Elegant for a Modern Bathroom

If you’re looking for a loo to enhance a modern space, consider the Swiss Madison St. Tropez. With a skirted trapway, the St. Tropez is a sleek, one-piece toilet with a soft close lid. The matte chrome hinges allow the seat to be unlatched for easy cleaning without the use of tools and clipped back in place when you’re done.

4. Eco-Friendly Toilet

Eco-warriors will love this self-contained composting toilet from Nature’s Head. Sleek and compact, it boasts a huge capacity with zero odor. With two people using it, it only needs to be emptied every 4 – 6 weeks. Emptying is a five-minute job with no maintenance required in-between. Perfect for those who love their comfort and our planet.  

5. Best Toilet and Bidet Combo

If you’re looking for luxury in the bathroom, think no further than the Toto Washlet with Integrated Toilet G400. The Washlet features a bidet seat toilet combined with a dual flush toilet. The bowl is coated with a special glaze and has a pre-mist function to prevent anything from sticking to the sides. With a luxury opening and closing lid, a heated seat, and air deodorizer for the ultimate toilet experience.

What to Look For When Buying a New Toilet

With so many styles and types of toilets on the market, it’s important to decide on what you want from a toilet before you start shopping. Whether your focus is on aesthetics, functionality, or buying within your budget, there’ll be a toilet to suit your needs.

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