What Are the Different Types of Carpet for Your Home?

There are several types of carpet that you have to choose from for your house. This comprehensive guide will lay out your options.

Your floors endure a lot of abuse from walking, dropping things, and even kids and pets running on them. That may explain why flooring remains one of the top home improvement projects.

While a lot of people focus on options like hardwood or engineered wood flooring, those aren’t always the most comfortable flooring choice. They can get quite cold in the winter. For people who prefer a warmer, softer floor, carpets typically top their list.

Of course, then you must pick between the types of carpets available. If you prefer the benefits of carpet and plan on redoing your floor soon, keep reading. We’ll lay out the main carpet options for you.

Loop Pile

One of the main options for carpeting is the loop pile carpet. These carpets have literal full loops of the fiber as the carpet surface.

This approach offers some benefits. It’s very durable, which makes it good in high-traffic areas in your home. They also prove easy to clean, which is a boon for busy families.

Loop pile isn’t without its drawbacks. It typically lacks the softness of other options. It can also catch at pet nails or claws.

Cut Pile

One of the other main carpet options is the cut pile carpet. With this type of carpet, the manufacturer literally cuts the top off of the loops to give the carpet a more uniform look. It also makes the carpet softer and enhances the padding effect.

There are several styles of cut pile, such as:

  • Plush
  • Saxony
  • Frieze
  • Cable
  • Textured cut

You may also see a middle ground version called cut and loop, which cuts some loops and leaves others intact.


There are several fibers in common use in carpeting. Some of the more common options include:

  • Nylon
  • Olefin
  • Polyester
  • Acrylic
  • Wool

Of the available fibers, nylon dominates the market as the fiber of choice for carpeting. It provides excellent durability and resistance to common problems like mildew, stains, and allergens.


There is no accepted grading standard in place for carpets for homes. For higher quality, look for heavier weight and higher fiber density. These typically mean a better quality carpet.


Once you finishing buying carpet, there is still the matter of installation. It’s not a DIY job, so you’ll end up looking for carpet installation options. You can hire a professional installer for the job or look for a seller that includes installation.

Picking Between Types of Carpet

Picking between types of carpets hinges a lot more on personal preferences than many other choices for your home. If durability and ease of cleaning top your list of wants, you may end up with a loop pile carpet. Just remember it’s not always great for pets.

If comfort tops your list of wants, you’re more likely to end up with a cut pile option. There are several options, so make sure you get a good look at some samples.

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