What empty nesters need to think about when they consider downsizing

There comes a point in many people’s lives when they suddenly have more time on their hands and want to move on to the next stage of their lives. This most usually happens when children have left home to go to college or have moved in with their partner and your home just seems a little empty without them (even if a whole lot tidier).

In circumstances like these, it is not uncommon to want to move home to a new area entirely, and possibly somewhere you have holidayed as a family and dreamt about living one day. This is clearly not a decision to take lightly so if you are retired (or at least semi-retired and able to work from home), then there are some things you need to think about before you start packing up those boxes.

Make sure your new home is practical for your life ahead

You might well be at the age where you cannot stand up without making some sort of involuntary noise, and your joints aren’t quite what they used to be. For this reason, you need to pick your new property carefully and possibly consider something all on one level

Consider the location of your new home thoroughly, as buying a property right at the top of the hill might not be the best idea if you already don’t relish the idea of another trip back upstairs to fetch your glasses.

Consider how to transport your pet (especially if they are elderly)

Now that the children have left home it is not uncommon for your pet (or pets) to have an even more significant role in your life than they did before. So, when it comes to moving, you are going to need to make them a priority. As you might already know from traveling with an elderly pet on holidays, or just visiting relatives, you often have to make frequent comfort breaks for the sake of the animal and to break up the journey so it doesn’t take too much of a toll on them. 

Instead of having to worry about this along with everything else involved with moving home, you might consider engaging a professional dog transport company that specializes in moving your 4-legged companion. They will take the same amount of care of them as you would, and that way you can welcome your pet into your new home refreshed and relaxed, and not worrying about them getting underfoot while you are loading and unloading your moving lorry.

Think about how you’ll make new friends

Another area where having a dog might be important when moving to a new location is the slightly tricky business of making new friends. This is always difficult, especially if you have lived in your current residence for many years and everybody you know is being left behind. As you might already have experienced, dogs are a great ice breaker when it comes to talking to new people, especially if they are walking a dog of their own – and this can lead to more social interactions and entering whole new friendship groups.


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