Which Types of Office Desk Look Best in Your Home Office?

It can be difficult to know what to decorate and furnish a home office with. Help is here! Which types of office desk are there, and how can you choose?

Whether you’ve transitioned to a hybrid or work-from-home environment during the COVID-19 pandemic or you’re looking for somewhere quiet to do your personal work and homework, it’s time to set up your own home office.

While you could do work at your dining room table, or even from the couch, you’ll be more productive if you designate a space for your work time. It makes it easier to separate “fun time” and “work time.”

One thing that you need for any good home office is a good office desk. But what types of office desks would work best for your space? Online stores such as office monster, allow you to browse as much as you can, make an order, and opt-in for furniture installation for more convenience.

We’re here to help so you can start your hunt for home office furniture. Keep reading to learn more. 

For a Modern Home

Do you love having a modern and minimalist vibe in your home? You don’t have to change it up for your home office. There are home office desks that work well in this kind of environment.

Consider getting a custom cut glass table top for your desk. While they aren’t great for storage, they do give off a modern and chic appearance. They also make the room seem larger because they don’t take up as much visual space.

Because you won’t have cabinets attached to the desk, we suggest using white or black shelving underneath to maintain the modern look. 

For Small Spaces

If you’re like most people, your home office is the smallest room in the house. It’s too small to be a bedroom and it may not even have a closet.

In this case, you need to plan accordingly. Office desks can be large, and you don’t want the desk to take up all of your room. That makes the space look cluttered.

For this situation, we have a few suggestions. First, if you do have a closet, consider making a floating desk to put inside it. You can use the space above and below the desk for storage and the desk will be out of the way when you’re not using it. 

You could also choose a small desk that converts from sitting to standing. These are also great for your health!

For a Cozy Office 

Do you love the look of cozy offices that you sometimes see on television shows in the homes of professors? Why not recreate that type of office in your own home?

Offices like this tend to be smaller and more cluttered, but in an intentional way. They have plenty of stocked bookshelves and they use warm and muted colors. 

For this kind of office, we suggest a large solid-wood desk. These desks are expensive, but you may be able to find one at your local thrift store. They’re great for a cozy, vintage look. 

What Types of Office Desks Are Your Favorite? 

There are so many types of office desks to choose from. Which works best with your space and personal aesthetic? It’s time to head to the furniture store to start assembling your new office!

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