Why We Need to Talk About the Female Price of Male Pleasure

When it comes to sex, men and women live in different worlds. We talk about an issue that's not talked about enough: the female price of male pleasure.

According to the Kinsey Institute, 85% of men said their partner orgasmed during their last sexual encounter, while only 64% of women reported having had an orgasm the last time they had sex. 

Pleasure is often viewed through a male lens and something that isn’t talked about often enough is the female price of male pleasure. The orgasm gap and learning how to make sex more enjoyable for female partners is something everyone should learn more about. It is important to learn about this before you potentially use any online free local hookups platforms that can help you meet new people.

Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about this topic.

Let’s Talk About the Orgasm Gap 

The orgasm gap is the name given to the fact that heterosexual sex often leads to more men having orgasms than women. When comparing lesbian sex to heterosexual sex, lesbians orgasm at much higher rates. 

Orgasm rates don’t differ when comparing gay men versus straight male sexual encounters. Women are also experiencing more orgasms during masturbation than with male partners. Why do these orgasm gaps exist?

Why Is the Male Orgasm More Prioritized?

These orgasm gaps exist because of a culture that prioritizes and gives more power to men in every way. Culture is beginning to shift, but there is still a lot of focus on penetration as sex. 

Despite the clitoris being a sexual organ, clitoral stimulation is often categorized as foreplay alone and not considered having sex. Vaginas are regarded as the only sexual organ.

The fact that these are the organs that give men the most orgasms but not women is another interesting thing to note about how male-focused discussions of pleasure are. 

Learn to Close the Orgasm Gap With Education

Learning how to pleasure a female and closing the orgasm gap starts with educating yourself. Men and women need to educate themselves on how the clitoris is tied to a woman’s ability to orgasm. Giving this part of the body attention is the key to pleasing women sexually. 

Understanding that penetration and clitoral stimulation are both sex acts and giving pleasure to both partners is key to closing the orgasm gap. 

Listen to a Woman’s Needs

Learning to please a female sexual partner is as simple as listening to what she wants and needs during sex. Taking your time to explore her body to see what turns her on, focusing on her more often is part of making sex better. 

Every partner is different. While one activity might have felt enjoyable to a past female partner, that doesn’t mean that a current partner will feel the same way. This is why communicating sexual needs is crucial. Tell her what you like and let her tell you what she likes too.

Help Her Feel Comfortable

Another part of achieving female pleasure is making sure she feels completely comfortable during your sexual encounter. Women live under a lot of pressure to look and act a certain way. Not living up to those expectations can make them feel self-conscious and uncomfortable when it comes to intimacy. 

While it’s not your job to build your female partner’s confidence, you can help to make her feel as comfortable as possible during sex. Make sure you tell her the things you like most about her body. Compliment the things she feels shy about but you find most attractive. 

Explore All of Her Erogenous Zones

Women aren’t just turned on by genital stimulation and sex isn’t just about penetration. A woman’s body has erogenous zones in all places, so take your time to explore every area and build up the sexual tension. This will make the climax much more pleasurable for her. 

Change up the pressure or speed with which you touch her in areas like her back, inner thighs, or neck. 

Incorporate Sex Toys 

Find the female pleasure spots on your partner by incorporating new things into your sex life. Toys are a great way to enhance a sexual experience and make the encounter more pleasurable for both partners. 

Clitoral vibrators are a great way to bring something new into the bedroom. These toys are often made to be used at different speeds, so you can find what works best for your partner. Other sex toys like G-spot vibrators or anal beads can be used for other forms of stimulation. 

Use Lube or Numbing Spray 

Lube is another great addition to the bedroom that can enhance your sex life and give your partner more pleasure. Some women need extra lubrication to make sex more enjoyable. Lube works by creating hypersensitivity to the area where it’s applied so both partners can feel every sensation on a deeper level. 

You should also consider using penis numbing spray. When applied to the sensitive areas of the penis, this spray can help delay ejaculation, making men last longer. This will feel more pleasurable for a female partner. 

Try Tantric Sex 

Another way to find the female pleasure points is to try tantric sex. Tantric sex is a way to explore deep connection during sex and create more intimacy. 

Tantric sex is all about exploring each other’s bodies and understanding what each partner feels. The point is to go slowly to build up the tension and make the payoff more enjoyable.

Orgasm control and G-spot stimulation are prominent ways to make sex more fulfilling between partners. 

The Female Price of Male Pleasure Explained

The female price of male pleasure is a lack of sexual satisfaction. This is a result of a male-centered view of sex. Changing this starts with listening to a women’s needs and using tools to enhance her pleasure such as sex toys, lube, and penis numbing spray. 

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