5 Common Electric Cooktop Repair Problems (And Their Solutions)

Common Electric Cooktop Repair Problems

Electric stoves continue to be a mainstay in most residential kitchens because they heat more efficiently. They also heat at consistent temperatures and are relatively easy to clean.

However, when faulty, the cooktop may pose great health and safety risks. Cooking appliances cause more than half of all household fires. Getting your stove repaired would keep it running smoothly.

You can spot electric cooktop repair problems early before they get worse. Here are five electric stove problems and how to solve them.

1. Cooktop Fails to Turn on

Your cooktop may fail to start due to an electric short caused by trapped moisture and grease. You can remedy this problem by cleaning the power source receptacle and element tips.

Replace the heating element if you spot any signs of blistering or breaks on it. The coil may also need a replacement if it has any burn spots or breaks for the stove to work.

A burnt or loose wire connection may limit the power supply to the element. Wiggle any loose wires for them to work normally. A professional electric cooktop repair service will help fix the burnt wires.

The stove may not turn on because of a defective element switch, which regulates heat flow. When damaged, the heat won’t flow to the coils. Replacing the switch will help fix this problem.

Check whether the cooking unit is correctly plugged into the power outlet. A multimeter placed in the outlet would test for the presence of current. If the outlet is working, but the stove won’t start, contact a repair technician.

2. Cooktop Produces Sparks

The stove may produce sparks due to loose connectors and defective heating elements. The problem can also come from a broken wire in contact with the metal frame or worn-out insulation. When installed, a replacement wire with fiberglass insulation can fix this problem.

Your cooktop elements may be defective due to liquid spills or falls. You’ll notice a bubble or a crack on the iron spiral as proof of the damage. You can remedy this issue by having the old element replaced.

Excessive temperatures or weight may make the stove susceptible to producing sparks. When left unrepaired, the sparks may worsen and lead to a fire. You also risk getting electrocuted when you touch the heating element.

Avoid leaving the cooktop in an open space with kids or pets around. Sparks are usually an indication that something is wrong with the internal wiring. Any further disruptions to the stove may damage it permanently.

3. Burners Not Working

The induction element may not heat if you use incompatible cookware. Use a ferromagnetic pan for heat to flow from the element to the food. Pans built from stainless steel or cast iron are ideal for use on an electric cooktop.

A disruption in power flowing to the induction element may prevent it from heating. This disruption may be caused by faulty wiring. Check whether the indicator lights are blinking to determine whether power is flowing through the appliance.

Electric cooktops come with a copper coil that generates the electromagnetic field. Any damage on this coil may prevent the induction element from heating. Replace the old coil for the element to work efficiently.

Your stove may fail to power up the induction element if it is in lock mode. Pressing the lock button or tapping on the stove (if it’s a touch-enabled model) will solve the problem. Once it is active, the element will heat up as usual.

The best way to tell whether the heating element isn’t working is by using a compatible pan and water. With the stove turned on, place the pan with water poured on it. If the water doesn’t boil, the heating element is likely faulty.

4. Temperature Regulation Issues

Any interference with the electric resistance of the stove may make it difficult to adjust the heat. Hire a repair technician from Norwest Appliance Service (norwestapplianceservice.com.au) to fix the problem because temperature regulation issues require expert electric cooktop troubleshooting.

Your cooktop may experience this issue if its infinite switch is faulty. This switch is attached to the button for regulating power levels. If defective, it may force the stove to operate at one heat setting.

An electric short, caused by the accumulation of grease and moisture on the wires, may also cause this problem. Shorted wires in the cooktop may result in fluctuating temperatures. When left unrepaired, the heat settings will no longer be reliable.

This issue may come from a defective surface element switch. Your cooktop relies on this switch to regulate the heat that is flowing to the coils. If the switch is faulty, it will be difficult to cut off voltage when the stove reaches a specified temperature.

A damaged or burned-out receptacle may interrupt voltage from flowing to the heating elements. If you spot any visible signs of damage on the receptacle, have it replaced immediately.

5. Indicator Lights Fail to Work

The indicator lights may fail to work if it has burned out bulbs. Replacing the old bulbs will fix this problem. Find replacement LED bulbs with a long life of over 50,000 hours.

Faulty control switches attached to the knob may prevent the indicator lights from working. That’s because the switches control heat settings. Once replaced, the indicator will light up to correspond to the heat setting you’re using on the stove.

Wires that connect the indicator bulbs to the burner control dial may be defective, leading to this problem. You may notice that the indicator bulbs continue lighting up even when the dial is switched off. Have the wires repaired for the indicator to function properly.

At times, the indicator lights may fail to work if there’s permanent damage to the electric stove. This means that power won’t be flowing in the stove even when you connect it to an electric outlet. The best solution here is to get a new stove.

Looking for Expert Cooktop Repair Near Me?

Understanding these electric cooktop repair problems will help you determine whether you need a technician’s help. While inspecting your stove for faults may be a good idea, always hire a technician to remedy the problem.

They can get your electric cooktop up and running thanks to their fast glass cooktop repair service. The qualified technicians will diligently inspect and fix your home appliances.

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