What Are the Different Types of Pool Pumps That Exist Today?

Not all pool pumps are created equal these days. Here are the many different types of pool pumps that you can get for your pool today.

Even though the pool pump isn’t exactly exciting to discuss, it is an important part of your pool. Without it, your pool isn’t sustainable.

While you may not think about how the pump is working, you will likely pay attention once it stops working properly.

It doesn’t matter if you are installing a pool for the first time or if you just want to replace the existing pump; learning about the different types of pool pumps available is essential.

Keep reading to learn about the options you have.

Single-Speed Pool Pumps

A single-speed pool pump is designed to do one thing – pump the water in your pool at a single, constant speed.

One of the most attractive aspects of this type of pool pump is its price. It’s extremely affordable. While that’s true, if you are interested in replacing your pool pump with an energy efficient pool pump, this isn’t the option to go with.

While this is true, they still do the job of turning the water over well. This ensures your other pool equipment functions properly.

Two-Speed Pool Pumps

As the name implies, a two-speed pool pump will run at two main, fixed speeds. The speeds include high or low.

Since you can adjust between these speeds, the amount of energy you use is much lower if you run the pump at a lower speed.

It’s best to use the lower speed setting for general water circulation and the higher speed for pool cleaners.

Variable Speed Pumps

Most pool experts agree this is one of the best options. In fact, they are the most used pool pump today.

While they do cost more than other pumps, the variable speed option is much more sophisticated.

These feature the same design as the permanent magnet motors used in electric cars. Because the pump is more advanced, it is possible to set the flow rate based on your pool’s needs.

This also makes it the most efficient pool pump option.

Variable speed pool pumps will run quietly and last for several years. Even better, you can run them for around $30 per month, which will help you save a lot of money over time.

Choosing the Right Pool Pump

Before selecting a pool pump, you need to consider a few things. This includes:

  • Type of pool you have
  • Horsepower requirements
  • Voltage needs

By considering these factors, you can choose between the pool pump options mentioned above.

Choosing between the Different Types of Pool Pumps

As you can see from the information above, you have a lot to consider regarding different types of pool pumps. Knowing what options you have will help you find the pool pump that best meets your needs.

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