5 Reasons Why Moving to Iowa Is a Smart Move


The pandemic pushed lots of us to reevaluate our lives, and the answer for many was to relocate. So in that context, it makes perfect sense that in 2021, a surprisingly high 27 million Americans moved home!

Are you dreaming about packing up and exploring somewhere new and exciting? Then make sure Iowa sits high on your wish list.

If you aren’t familiar with this great state, explore these five reasons why moving to Iowa is smart.

1. Low Living Costs

Inflation is creeping its way up, and many families feel the pain of rising fuel and food prices. So if living expenses are at the forefront of your mind, you aren’t alone.

The average cost of living in Iowa is ten percent less than the national figure. That’s a significant number, and a move to Iowa will help your money go further.

It means you can continue enjoying some of the finer luxuries of life and not worry about scrimping and saving constantly. You can get more information on lowering your living costs here.

2. High Levels of Literacy

Excellent education for your children is priceless!

Early-year guidance on reading and phonics is what will support your child later on in life with work or college. But more than that, good literacy will help your child develop a lifelong passion for reading.

That starts with good schools, and Iowa is abundant with those. Literary rates in Iowa are impressively high, at 99%. And the state boasts some of the highest graduation figures in the country too!

3. It’s Safe

Living in security and safety will probably be high on your priorities. So you might be interested to learn that Iowa has low crime rates, well below the US average.

Violent crime figures will be something you’ll want to know before moving anywhere new, and that’s where Iowa can provide you with peace of mind. Rates are low, and they are falling.

4. The Sunshine!

This fact might surprise you, as Iowa doesn’t fall into the category of famously sunny states like California or Florida!

But Iowa boasts a surprisingly high 200 days a year of sunshine. That’s not bad considering where it sits geographically.

Weather-wise, living in Iowa offers the best of both worlds, as you’ll also get a traditional winter. There is plenty of snow and many cozy December evenings by the fireplace.

5. The Beautiful Outdoors

Many of us are trying to incorporate more outdoor activities to boost our well-being. And Iowa has a lot to offer. A great way to take advantage of this in the summer is with an ebike (this guide step through vs. step over bikes – which one is better is a good place to start). With an ebike you can pedal at your leisure but also see more with the help of its electric motor.

The vast Backbone State Park looks beautiful in the summer, with plenty of lush green forest to explore when hiking. And in a snow-filled winter, there are fun activities like snowmobiling to keep the whole family entertained.

Pikes Peak State Park and Cedar Falls are two other fantastic hiking trails to explore.

Moving to Iowa

Iowa is a hidden gem, and this state could be the perfect answer for a major life change.

It offers that work-life balance for which so many of us yearn. Why not start a job search today if moving to Iowa sounds like the right decision for you and your family?

Make sure you meticulously plan for your upcoming move – visit our household section for some moving tips.


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