5 Tips For Anyone Wanting To Quit Smoking


For anyone who is on the journey to quit smoking, it is important to be disciplined. When an urge to smoke strikes, it will probably pass within a few minutes. However, it can be too much if you are not careful. Especially when the urge happens at a different time than usual. You don’t have to worry; in this article, I have the five tips for anyone wanting to quit smoking that will help them be prepared for the journey ahead.

Try vaping

I have mentioned the problem when cigarette cravings happen at weird times. This kind of problem could take you off guard and should be avoided. Fortunately, there is a tool that can help you not only quit smoking but also fight the cravings away when they happen. Switching from cigarettes to vape is also an easy thing to do. You can always start with a vape starter kit and then learn as you go.

After you get enough experience with vaping, you can try different flavors to keep the experience fresh. Also, I want to recommend getting a vaporizer that is small and easy to carry and use. This way, you can start vaping whenever you need. Don’t forget to lean your vape’s tank regularly, too.

Avoid craving triggers

Everyone who has been addicted to smoking has different triggers. When the trigger happens, the urge to smoke will be the strongest, and this should be avoided at all times. Some common triggers are parties, eating meat, sipping coffee, feeling stressed, and being idle. It is crucial for you to identify your triggers and have a plan in place beforehand to avoid them entirely. Or at least try to stay away from cigarettes when the trigger situations are going to happen.

Never underestimate your trigger situations by thinking that they are not going to be a big deal. Don’t set yourself up for a smoking relapse. When you understand your trigger, always be prepared to curb your urge to smoke. Again, you can try vaping or even chewing gums to occupy yourself rather than smoking.

Ask for help

It is easy to forget that you can ask people for help. Quitting tobacco is not something that you should hide from everyone. In fact, you should do the opposite by telling them that you are quitting tobacco. If your friends are smokers, this will remind them to not smoke near you, and your family or friends can keep reminding you when you have the urge to smoke.

Be physically active

Being idle is the worst thing that you could ever do. When you are not doing anything, it is easy to think about smoking tobacco again. This kind of situation could create strong urges to smoke, and this could be the time when you go back to smoking again. So don’t let it happen by being physically active.

If you are stuck at home or work, try to do some easy exercises, such as squats, pushups, walking up and down the stairs, and running in place. Also, if you want, you can get a gym membership, so you have something to look up to in a day. If you can’t exercise for whatever reason, there are other activities you can do, such as writing a journal, reading a book, drawing, woodwork, etc.

Remind yourself why you are quitting

Quitting tobacco offers a lot of health benefits, such as saving money, getting healthier, feeling better, and keeping your family away from secondhand smoke. If you have other reasons to quit tobacco, that’s fine too. Just don’t forget why you are trying to quit in the first place. Keep reminding yourself why you are quitting, especially when a tobacco craving is happening.

You can quit if you try

Quitting tobacco is definitely possible, and many people have succeeded. So it’s your turn to be the next person who quit smoking. The tips above should at least make it a bit easier to fight the cravings.


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