5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Refrigerator’s Water Filter

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Is your refrigerator acting up?

It may be time to change the water filter. Knowing the signs that water filter replacement is necessary will help you extend the life of your water and ice dispensers.

But where do you start, and how do you know it’s time to change the fridge water filter? It can be hard to know for sure. But we can help out.

Here are five signs that refrigerator water filter replacement is necessary.

#1 – Your Water Tastes Funny or Smells Strange

If your water tastes off lately-whether like plastic, chlorine or some other unpleasant flavor, there’s likely a reason for this.

If this water is coming from your water supply, you can call a water treatment facility for information on water conditions. If the water still doesn’t taste right after water treatment, it’s time to change your water filter.

#2 – Your Water Pressure Feels Off

If your water pressure has dwindled recently, it may be due to a clogged water filter.

A water filter can feel clogged when water does not drain well from the water dispenser in your fridge. It tends to be slow in replenishing water in the water dispenser.

When water filters have filled up with contaminants or can’t contain water anymore, they become less effective. They begin causing reduced water volume and pressure.

#3 – Your Fridge Water Dispenser is Leaking

If you find a small puddle of water under your fridge water dispenser, this could mean that the tube from the filter into the water spout has come loose at some point during usage, resulting in a leaky connection. This usually occurs as a result of wear and tear on the tubing over time as well as in everyday use.

If water filter replacement is past due, you’re likely to notice water leaks coming from your fridge water dispenser. But each water filter brand will vary, so be sure to look up instructions for your filters.

#4 – You Notice Sediment in The Water

If water stains or water spots are present on your glassware, the water filter may be the culprit. Changes in water pressure can cause water filters to release accumulated sediments into the water. This can lead to discoloration of water. 

As water filters become filled with water sediment, water filtration reduces, and water output decreases. This means you have to change the water filters. 

#5 – Your Fridge’s Ice Maker Isn’t Producing Ice

Is your fridge freezer suddenly making less ice? Old and clogged filters can cause leaky water lines, which can be problematic.

A water filter allows water through when water is in its liquid form and block water from passing when the water has frozen. When water filters wear out, water can leak into the water line that freezes and blocks water. 

It may prevent water from flowing smoothly to the ice maker, resulting in poor quality (or no) water for ice production.

Time To Change Your Water Filter

Now you know a bit more about the signs that you might need to replace your water filter.

Don’t wait until water or water pressure starts acting up to replace your fridge water filters! Regardless of the brand that you choose, water filters must be regularly replaced to ensure water quality.

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