Evan Dombroski – What Nature Photography Will Provide You With

I took up photography last year following the lockdown, and used so many online resources to really try and learn as much as I could about this wonderful hobby. Within photography there is a broad range of areas which you could focus on, and I decided that given I was stuck indoors, I would get out into nature once lockdown was over, and snap away at our beautiful world. I took inspiration from people like Evan Dombroski, who has been instrumental in helping me learn all the tricks of the trade. Thankfully we can now get out and about, and here is exactly what this particular area of photography has given me, and what it can give you too.

The Thrills of Our World

The first thing that I must say about getting out into nature is that it really does open your eyes up to the world around us. This may sound somewhat cliche but I really do have a new found love and attraction for the natural world. Rather than just walk through nature, you are actively looking into it in order to give yourself the best chance to take a great shot, and this is something to really enjoy.

The Chance to Get Out

I have to confess that at times I can be a little lazy, or have no real reason to get up and out. This nature photography however has given me the perfect chance to do this and it is a healthy addition to your life. I love to go on trips to places where they have all kinds of natural scenery and this is something which has given me a new sense of vigor. Sitting at home watching the TV is pretty rubbish, which is why I much prefer to strap the camera on my back and head out into the natural world to see what I can find.

A Great Community

I opened up my very own Instagram account which I am using to upload my photos to. What this has introduced me to is the community of nature photographers which really is brilliant. Not only can you be inspired by the range of photos which people are taking, you can also get great insights about technical tips, as well as some ideas as to where you can go in your local community to get the best of nature. Some communities online are not very nice, this is something which I cannot say for the nature photography community.

Marking Memories

I have to say that one thing which I have noticed since I began to take these images is that when you look back over them, you can get this lovely memory of where you were with and what you were doing. I have been doing this now for just a decade, but I cannot imagine what that same feeling will be like after I have been making memories for another 20 years.

This is a great type of photography to get involved with.


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