5 Ways Private Jet Travel Saves You Time

There is a right and wrong way to “fly the friendly skies.” Given the disarray of the current commercial airline travel industry, the wrong way would be booking commercial flights. The right way? Well, that would be the chartering of a private jet.

Realistically, most of the population in cities like New Jersey can’t afford to rent a private jet. Their resolve has to be flying commercially or finding another mode of transportation. For people and companies with financial resources, the private jet rental option is viable.

The Advantages of Chartering a Private Jet

If you have the financial resources and live in or around New Jersey, the advantages of using a private jet charter in New Jersey far outweigh the disadvantages, which is the price tag. What are the potential advantages? Take a look at this list:

Setting your itinerary – when, where, and how many stops

Access to amenities that should make flying pleasurable

Fewer restrictions related to luggage and cargo

Right to determine how many travelers there will be and who they will be

Time savings

The following information will focus on the last item on this list: time savings.

5 Ways Private Jet Travel Saves You Time

You have significant financial resources if you can afford to rent a private jet. If you have significant financial resources, your life is likely busy, and your time is precious. Good news! Renting a private charter jet could save you time in the following five (5) ways.

1. No Airport Inconveniences

Anyone who has ever flown commercial more than one time has undoubtedly experienced airport inconveniences. That would include standing in long lines (check-in and security), flight delays, and sudden flight cancellations.

All of those inconveniences would create a lot of wasted time for you. With a private jet charter, you would pull right up to the plane at flight time, get clearance, and be on your way.

2. Shorter Travel Times

Physics and air traffic limit how fast a commercial plane can travel. It’s usually somewhere close to 500 MPH. What to go faster? Some types of private aircraft can travel much faster than 500 MPH. If you choose one of those private jets, you could carve an hour or two off your travel time, depending on the jet chosen.

3. Work While You Fly

A wise businessperson always makes good use of their time. One way to do that is to work or deal with personal issues while you fly. This is a great time-saving option because most private charter jets provide amenities that make working and dealing with personal issues possible. That would include amenities like spacious work areas, meeting facilities, reliable cell service and internet access.

4. No Layovers

With control over the itinerary, it is you who would have the ability to dictate flight schedules. That would include what time flights take off and how long they would layover at a destination. If you were to work the details out with your pilot, they could have the plane ready to go when you return to the airport. This is a tremendous time-saving advantage if you have to make multiple stops on the same day.

Note: Refueling stops would be minimal.

5. Ability to Land Closer to Travel Destination

Since commercial flights have to use metro airports, there might be instances when you would fly into a big airport and have to drive for hours to tour a real destination. Private charter jets are smaller and more agile, which means they can land at rural and regional airports. The closer you can land where you want to be, the more you will save time and hassles.


Undoubtedly, your time has value. If you can save a lot of time, that would translate into saving money. If you can save money by chartering a private jet, it would make the price tag much easier to justify. Ask yourself: “What do you value more, your time or money?”


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