A Step-by-Step Guide to Remove Pet Odors from Carpet

Are you trying to remove pet odor from carpet surfaces?

Every year, there are about 3 million animals adopted from animal shelters. They become included in the family and are often raised in a much more loving environment than they would have had in the shelter.

As loveable as they can be, though, it means that we’ll get a big change in how we live when there’s a new furry member included in the family. We’ll need to invest in their food, a proper bed for them, and even a bathroom. However, the latter often gets ignored. 

This is why many of us have to deal with pet stains and odors on our carpets. Pets find them awfully comfortable to the point that they think it’s okay to do their business there. To get rid of these smells, read what we have below.

Dry the Carpet

When working on a dog or cat urine it’s important to work on it immediately. Dry up the carpet by absorbing as much urine as you can with the help of paper towels or tissue papers for absorption. You can also use old clothes or any rags on the wet spot to dry the soiled area.

The goal here is to dry the wet spot as much as possible to avoid the spread and make it easier to clean later. Keep on using paper towels or cloth to dry the spot until it’s barely damp. You should do this immediately because the longer it stays, the harder to remove the stain or the smell.

Apply Vinegar Solution

In a bucket or spray bottle, mix a solution of part vinegar and part water. Soak the affected area with the solution then you can proceed to scrub the stain to clean it. This works because using vinegar breaks down the stain to their basic elements.

A mix of vinegar and soapy water works great because it can get into the fibers of your carpet for a deeper clean. It also does a great job at breaking down the ammonia in the pet’s urine, removing the sharp smell on the carpet.

However, there are situations where the urine stain and smell persists. If this is the case, it’s best that you use a 100% vinegar solution on the carpet. When doing this, make sure to work fast to get rid of the urine and the vinegar.

If left on your carpet for too long, it can damage the fibers beyond repair. It can cause them to fray or compress, ruining your carpet.

Use Baking Soda to Remove the Smell

To completely remove pet odor from the carpet surface, you need to use baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda in the affected area so it absorbs the odor. Let the baking soda settle into the carpet fibers for at least 15 minutes before cleaning the area.

Using baking soda will deodorize the stain from the carpet. This is helpful especially if you’re dealing with cat urine, which has a much sharper smell than dog urine. 

When cleaning the carpet make sure that your pet is not in the area. Large amounts of baking soda are toxic to pets, and you need not risk this while you’re cleaning up. If you can’t risk it, you need not worry as there are other options that you can use as natural odor eliminators.

Add Dish Soap and Hydrogen Peroxide

To remove the stain caused by your pet’s urine, use a mix of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. One part of hydrogen peroxide mixed together with a small amount of soap will suffice. This will help remove the stain and finish the cleaning process.

Hydrogen peroxide is potent enough to do most of the work in cleaning the area. Adding dish soap in the mix makes it easier for you to manage and use. The mixture has a strong oxidizing property, too, which makes it perfect as a disinfectant.

Using this mixture is not limited to carpets, but also to clothes. Anything that needs the removal of stains and disinfection can enjoy the effects of this mixture. Keep this in mind in case one of your pets has an accident while you’re carrying them.

Vacuum the Area

What you need to do last is vacuum the affected area to remove any substances that remain. If the stained area is slightly moist, consider using absorbent compounds while vacuuming. Doing this helps the vacuum by not letting it absorb any moisture that can interfere with its processes.

Use Enzymatic Cleaners 

If the pet smells on your carpet still persists, consider using enzymatic cleaners. These are good for dealing with urine and feces on carpeted floors.

Spray the cleaner on the stained area then let it soak for a while. This way, it can reach the deeper area of the carpet fiber to remove dirt, feces, and stain on a molecular level.

After letting the carpet soak with the cleaners, you can use paper towels or cloth to dry the stained area. You can still use hydrogen peroxide and detergent afterward for scrubbing. This should prove effective in carpet cleaning as well as odor removal.

Bring in the Professionals

There are situations where the stain is too strong that you can’t remove it. This happens when you left the stain on for too long, or if you have many cats in your home. When this happens, you can call in professionals for pet odor removal.

Professional companies have better equipment and can guarantee that your carpet is back without stain or odor attached to it. Doing this is also a great way to ensure that your carpet gets the best treatment available. This means that, with someone like Professional Carpet Systems on the case, there’s little chance of any permanent damage occurring under their care.

Learn How to Remove Pet Odor From Carpet Surfaces Today

Having a pet doesn’t need to be a burden on you. Keep your carpet safe by knowing how to remove pet odor from carpet! Use the guide above and enjoy your time with your furry friends today!

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