Paint Color Ideas: What Colors Are In for Bedrooms?

Painting the interior with tins and brushes

Is it time for your bedroom to get a new paint job? Unless it’s something you enjoy, hire a professional; you can make use of a site like to find professional painters in Texas, as well as up and down the country.

You’ll spend a lot of time in your bedroom and so will your guests, so you want to make sure that it looks beautiful and really reflects your own personal taste and style. 

Picking paint colors is tricky. You have to combine your taste with what’s actually going to look good on a wall and with your pre-existing furniture. Do you know where to get started?

We’re here to offer up some advice. Whether you’re into something bold and bright or muted and subtle, we have a few good insights on what paint color ideas are going to be best for your bedroom. Keep reading and take notes so you can start choosing your bedroom color ideas.

Dusty Rose

Do you love pink, but the bright, vibrant, bubblegum tones don’t feel right for your bedroom? Dusty rose is coming to the rescue. 

This color is a softer pink, mixing gray and beige with pink to give you a rose color that’s mature and easy on the eyes. 

It goes well with plenty of furniture colors, whether you have gold, brown, black, or white, so you don’t have to be afraid of changing up your decor. 

The color is feminine without being too “girlish” and it’s great for adults and teenagers alike. Out with millennial pink, in with dusty rose. 

Warm Gray

Did you know that Pantone picks a color of the year every year? 

They’ve already picked the colors for 2021. One is Ultimate Gray. This color is warm and soft, and it’s a mid-tone gray. It’s similar to the color of sunkissed cement.

You might think of gray as gloomy, but it makes a great addition to bedrooms full of color in their sheets, furniture, and lights. It offsets bright colors like bold yellows and pinks so you can have any bold decorations without a cluttered looking color scheme. 

Tip: We suggest pairing this gray with a warm yellow. 

Soft and Bright Yellow

Speaking of yellow, a soft yellow is another great color for your bedroom. This is the other color of the year for 2021. 

If gray is too gloomy for you, this yellow should perk you right up. It’s reminiscent of spring flowers and Easter. 

This color isn’t as flexible when it comes to matching with other colors. You may want to go for more subtle decorations and furniture so you don’t have a bedroom setup that’s too distracting for the eyes. 

Deep Violet 

Looking for something romantic and cool but reds are too loud for you? A deep violet (almost indigo) is a great choice. It pairs well with warm and dim lighting and it can really give you that “relaxed” feeling before bed.

The color is heavy, but it pairs well with dark colors like espresso brown and black. If you want more contrast, choosing white furniture and bedspreads give you a pop of light to break up the darkness. 

Pastel Everything

Pastels have been totally in for the past few years and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. 

This is a category all its own. We love pastels for children’s rooms and nurseries, but adulthood doesn’t bar you from having the sweet pastel colors of your dreams. Whether you’re into that soft eggshell yellow, a sweet baby blue, or a gentle cotton-candy pink, these colors are close enough to white that they aren’t too jarring while also giving you the pop of color that you want.

We suggest pairing pastels with other pastels or white for a cohesive space.

Forest Green 

Like deep violet, forest green is a great color to immediately relax your eyes. 

This green isn’t too bold. It’s muted with brown tones and it fits any home that’s up in the woods or mountains (or any homeowner that wishes that were the case). 

We love forest green for its nature vibes and it’s a color that never goes out of style. We love forest green paired with black and any shade of brown. It amps up that woodsy and natural vibe. We also love it with botanical prints and lots of indoor foliage.

Latte Brown

Looking for something more “neutral”? Why not pick your favorite coffee brown for a relaxing space.

There are several shades of coffee brown. You can have the near-black of plain coffee or espresso, or dark, warm, browns that match your coffee with your ideal amount of cream.

We prefer latte brown. It’s light and warm and sitting in a room of that color is ideal for warm nights by a fire while it snows outside. What’s not to love? 

Bonus: Consider a Statement Wall

Statement walls never go out of style. 

Do you want a bright color in your room but you aren’t ready to take the plunge into a full-color space? Statement walls are your answer.

You can choose a plain color, like one of the ones that I mentioned above, or you can do something loud and fun. I suggest using wallpaper (even the peelable type) so you don’t have to draw in the minute details. 

We love bold stripes or fancy florals that can make your bedroom pop. Match your furniture color scheme to the accent wall to bring the space together.

Loving These Paint Color Ideas?

It’s time for you to decorate your new bedroom. There’s a color in this list for everyone, so head to your local home and garden store and pick up some swatches for yourself. Remember, you’ll be spending a lot of time in this space, so you have to get it right! Keep our paint color ideas in mind. 

Do you love learning about home improvement and indoor styling techniques? We have you covered. Check out the rest of our site for everything you need to know about keeping your home fresh and stylish.


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