Celebrating a Wedding Anniversary as a Family


When you are celebrating a wedding anniversary as a family, it can feel very different from celebrating it as a couple. However, this can be a positive thing, as it can allow all family members to feel the love and be part of the celebration. When celebrating a wedding anniversary, here are a few things you may wish to consider to ensure the day goes as smoothly (and successfully) as possible.

Start Planning Early

When you have children or even extended family members to incorporate into your wedding celebrations, you must ensure you start planning as soon as possible. Organizing everyone, and making sure you can get everyone at one central time and place can be tricky. The earlier you start the planning process, then the more chances you give people to attend.

If you are planning a wedding anniversary with children around, you are going to need this extra time to organize food, drink, and possibly even entertainment too. So, do not be tempted to leave all of your planning and organization until the last minute, as this can be disastrous.

Hold a Get-Together at Home

Holding an anniversary party outside of the home can be costly, so why not look at holding a party or get-together in your own home? When you do this, you can cut down on the costs, and you can be in greater control of the budget, entertainment, food, and drink.

It can be stressful holding get-togethers at home, but with a little extra planning, you can make sure that your home is welcoming for all guests. When organizing a get-together at home, think about how many people you want to invite, and think about how long you want the event to last.

Focus on Extra Special Food and Drinks

Food and drink can make or break a family celebration. So, to ensure everyone is happy, you must invest extra time, care, and effort into providing the best that you can. This may mean you are ordering snacks and drinks.

Or, it could mean you are hiring external caterers and bartenders. It may also mean you focus a little bit more on those special (finishing) touches, such as an engraved champagne bottle that features details of your wedding day. When you have extra special food, you elevate the anniversary and make it even more memorable.

Recreate Wedding Photos

No matter how long ago your wedding was, it is always fun to recreate those epic wedding photos. Adding in extra family members, or even using cardboard cutouts of those who are no longer with you can be fun, and it can help everyone feel part of your anniversary and celebration. When you are looking at recreating wedding photos, try to focus on one or two special ones.

Don’t try to recreate too many, as this will be too stressful and overwhelming. If you have smaller children around that you are trying to get into the photos, then make it as fun as possible, as this will then relieve the stress on you, as well.


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