There are many reasons for divorce; the most common is infidelity. Other grounds for divorce include incompatibility and nasty conflicts. Divorce rates are higher among older couples, and the reasons they give are similar to other reports. If you’re going through a divorce for whatever reason right now, you should click here for Mayfair family law expertise and get the help that you need. Read on to learn more information.


According to a study from the General Social Survey, Infidelity is the most common cause of divorce. While the exact divorce rate varies widely, infidelity was cited by nearly half of all cheating spouses. In addition, many mentioned that their spouse’s affair led them to break up, while others attributed the infidelity to other factors, such as incompatibility or substance abuse.

Same-sex relationships are not an exception to this rule, so if you’ve decided to file for divorce, it’s best to get assistance from professionals like an LGBTQ divorce attorney NJ to help you through the process.

Lack of Commitment

One of the most common reasons for divorce is a lack of commitment. Almost half of the people who file for divorce cite lack of commitment as a contributing factor. While adultery and addiction are specific reasons for divorce, lack of commitment is a more general reason.

Couples may have agreed to start a family one day but decided not to have children for various reasons. For example, one partner may have a career or a family and no longer want it. The other partner might decide that having children isn’t a priority.

Financial Incompatibility

Financial incompatibility is one of the top reasons for divorce. Couples often find themselves struggling to meet basic expenses. Economic differences in philosophies may also play a significant role in troubled marriages. Many experts recommend early conversations about financial matters to help resolve conflicts and find a solution. Couples counseling sessions may also be helpful, though they may not be successful for deeply rooted disagreements.

Couples who do not share the same goals and values in life are likely to fight about money. These arguments often continue even after the divorce is final. In addition to incompatibility in financial matters, 40 percent of divorces are blamed on disagreements about finances.

Domestic Violence

Women are often the victims of domestic violence and abuse and are far more likely to file for a divorce when their abuser is involved. In a study of older couples, nearly one-third of participants listed abuse as a cause of their divorce. While it may be difficult for a woman to escape an abusive relationship, many women find that domestic violence makes it difficult to leave their partner.

The first step in avoiding divorce is seeking the help of an experienced domestic violence attorney. Your lawyer can advise you on the next steps and how to protect yourself and your children. Your safety is your top priority. If you feel threatened, call 911. Also, develop a plan of escape in case you must leave the house immediately. Finally, build a support system to help you safely get out of the house.


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